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Nasri Stalling / Wenger’s Summer Checklist

I know we have been hearing alot of news around North London. Wenger’s busy transfer window has started by picking up 2 youngsters from Barcelona ( that will do it !). Benzema to Arsenal, Nasri to United, ohh what’s next…

I have heard that Nasri has been offered a deal near 90000 pounds/week and he is stalling on it. Firstly, I believe that Nasri wants to sign with the club but the only reason he is stalling is because of his agent. Nobody would mind a few extra bucks and Sam is quite astute in this case. As for Clichy, he has already rejected one deal and there have been no quotes from him. It’s down to Wenger whether he should stay or not.

Personally, I want both players to stay. However if Clichy demands an unrealistic wage demand we should let him leave. Fetch what we can get from him, and buy Baines. A guy who can even play on the left wing, and LB will be a very intelligent signing.

It’s quite funny when you see what the manager said after the last match at Fulham. He said that they should be allowed to work and the fans will see the changes when the club returns after the summer. I am quite sure the club is already looking into certain situations like membership renewals and transfer targets. But logically, I think we are going to start to see something only after the ticket renewal deadline is over. The club can then see how much they have earned and forward the amount to Wenger to spend.

For me Wenger has a method of doing things, and by things I basically mean signings. The man never gives anything away that easily. First, if you ask him anything about the issue he will say he has no idea. Then on subsequent questions (probably when the matter has become serious internally) he will say that the player is ‘interesting.’ Then stage 3. This may or may not happen. The transfer target may express his interest in joining Arsenal. And then either the target will fly to London or be announced as a signing soon (probably a press conference shall be called.)

The contract situation, in my opinion has to be sorted out fast. Then we can probably start off-loading although this is a very slow and gradual process. During the offloading phase I hope that the club starts to sign defenders. There have been many rumours around the world but a majority of them are bull.

I hope Wenger has had his checklist made for things to do in the summer. If he knows how to use the internet, I hope he reads this one incase he has missed out anything :

  1. Sort out Contract issues over Nasri and Clichy.
  2. Find buyers for Denilson, Squillaci, Nikko and maybe (if you get a good one) Eboue.
  3. Have a talk with Cesc regarding his future in the club.
  4. Sign a defender (probably  a CB), and may be Baines.
  5. Get a new suit/tie. **

** Important

Submitted by The Armoury


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