SPURS FANS: In Levy We Trust?

By on June 19, 2011

I end the title with a question mark as we have heard such statements before, not only from a Spurs chairman but many others throughout football as well.

Yes, it was a very strong statement put out by Mr Levy, it said all the key things and hit all the right notes for us fans. Is this the end of it though as stated on the official statement?

Whatever Spurs say about Chelsea being told this in writing and then making it public, it now seems we have been drawn into a Western style situation with lines drawn in the sand waiting for the first person to blink. This does not bode well as we usually lose these kind of situations.


Let’s look at the possible scenarios that could happen:

1.Unfortunately it would now appear, according to the Daily Mail, that not only does Luka want to go but also go to Chelsea. Will he play like Cesc did last year for Arsenal if he stays, glimpses of magic, but niggling injuries galore and the passion not quite there? This is not going to help us get back to the top table of English football now is it, as we all hoped the team would be built around our little maestro, for the next year anyway at least!

2. Modric goes for the price Levy has in mind, and he does have a price, and we are in tatters. As not only does our best player depart, team morale is low and quite frankly after what the club and chairman have said there is no way back for DL and he should be removed straight away. More disability for the club. This also has implications for other star players like VDV and Bale and the same old theme that Spurs are a soft and selling club once more.

3. The best situation. Modric accepts this decision, gets assurances from the club that big signings are going to be made this summer, without fail, are looking to seriously be in the hunt for honours and CL qualifications and he plays his heart out for the club still. If not he is free to leave for a certain price next summer.

This story has a long way to run though and whatever happens Spurs will rebound, rebuild and move on. I just don’t see a happy ending to it. Let’s hope I am wrong.


Submitted by Rob from THFC1882




  1. Sandy Shaw

    June 19, 2011 at 10:45 am

    Spurs should take the big money whiloe they have the chance and reinvest in improving areas where we are weak.

    Losing Berbatov didn’t set us back, and nor will losing Modric if we act logically and not emotionally.

    If we don’t the chances are that we will be back in the same situation next year but with the player valued at much less.

    • cyril

      June 19, 2011 at 11:56 am

      losing berbatov did not set us back? we wre making bids for strikers from mid table teams at 10pm that night. 2 from 8 and all that. and worst of all, we bought bloody keane back for 15 mill (having unlodes him at 3 times his real value earlier) in what was a pure act of panic the next january. sorry, and will all due respect i disagree. i do think big monety wont be forthcoming after this summer with the fair play rules, buit i also think if he goes we could well lose sandr and bale. the least important for us is bale. the other two could be immense next year

  2. Gary Sampson

    June 19, 2011 at 7:07 pm

    Tottenham can only talk ambition, Chelsea have the cash to do it. Which two or three players will Tottenham buy to become league winners? Neymar, Pastore, Sneijder? It will cost a lot to get the players they need to be on terms with Man U and Chelsea. Once a player declares his desire to play elsewhere you have to let him go. It makes no sense to keep a player against his will. Such a player only becomes a liability to his team. Everyone knows this. The best thing for Tottenham is to take the money and use it well. When a player goes public, like Modric has, its game over.

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