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The Cesc Fabregas Story….

When Fabregas began his education in Barcelona’s Mutant Academy, he worshiped Pep Guardiola and wanted to be like him someday. At the milk age of 16, Wenger stretched out his hands to the young lad and breathed footballing life into him. From the first day he wore Arsenal’s Red and White with No. 57 on his back, Fabregas has grown from strength to strength to become one of the finest central midfielders in his generation.

Fabregas knew his roots right from time and hoped that he’ll play there someday and when his idol assumed the helms of affairs at the club, his affinity to Barcelona probably increased. The 2009/10 season would go down as Fabregas’ best season as an Arsenal player because Wenger’s new 4-2-3-1 formation gave him the freedom to take on an advanced role behind the striker and Wenger and Arsenal were duly rewarded for that step of faith because Fabregas smashed his opponents net 19 times and laid on a lion’s share of assists for his teammates. Shortly after playing in his best season for Arsenal, he was called up to be part of the 23-man squad list that was to represent the 2008 European Champions, Spain.

While in South Africa, Fabregas strengthened his bonds with the Aliens representing Barcelona in the Spanish national team and he was coaxed by them to help them warm their bench in the upcoming 2010/11 season. When the World Cup was over with Spain emerging as the champions, the Fabregate saga commenced and Barcelona had a lot of participants that made the saga worthwhile. Xavi started with the crappy Barca DNA tales, Guardiola came out with his admiration for the player, President Sandro Rosell escaped from his lair to talk about the financial aspect of the deal, Pique said a thing or two and Victor Valdes got in the act.

Fabregas signed an amazing eight year deal in 2006 and signed an extension in 2011 to ensure that his contract was going to expire in 2015 so it was essential that Arsenal was going to do well enough to command a mammoth fee for the player because of his incomparable talent as well as his lengthy deal but Barcelona insulted Arsenal with a meager bid of £26m. In the World we live in, £26m is not even enough to fetch you Andy Carroll.

As expected, Arsenal rejected the bid with the hope that Barcelona would hold their peace or come with an improved offer at least but the Spanish side took the miser’s approach and decided to stall before bringing another cheap offer for a player than Manchester City was willing to pay £58m for. Wenger held his fort in June and July but he has finally buckled in August. Just two days before Arsenal’s first game of the new campaign in St. James Park. Fabregas dropped the bombshell by saying that he was willing to pay his way out of the club and it seems as if Barcelona and Fabregas are going to pay for ‘Fabregas’.

As disappointing as it may seem, Fabregas’ departure will definitely bring mixed emotions amongst the Arsenal faithful because Arsenal’s football resolved around him just like the way it was in Thierry Henry’s days. A section of the gooners will be happy that Fabregas is leaving in the club because the Fabregate saga was becoming a constant thorn in the flesh and the media Vultures dwelt on that news day after day. They’ll also welcome his departure because it would be a breath of fresh air in deciding a new leader that will lead the club to glory and all fingers are being pointed to the Flying Dutchman Robin van Persie with Thomas Vermaelen touted as his potential vice captain. Fabregas is an exceptional player on the pitch but he isn’t the greatest of captains off it.

It’s true that he reiterated his desire to stay when he was asked countless times but he was cracking slowly like a pipe that has been subjected to extreme pressure from the onrushing dense liquid flowing through it. It became evident when Denilson publicly declared that he was no ‘leader’ and hoped that Arsenal could get more experienced heads like Gilberto Silva.

The other section of the Arsenal faithful (me included) will be extremely disappointed if Fabregas leaves Arsenal because it would put a serious dent in Arsenal’s image in the football World as an a club that clearly lacks ambition that regards player sales and money making ahead of trophy winning as if he fails to realize that there’s always a certain amount of prize money attached to every trophy that has been won. If you consider Arsenal’s title challenging rivals, you’ll see that they stood their ground when another big club came sniffing for their best players butt.

Rooney publicly stated that he wanted to leave Manchester United but Sir Fergie kept his mouth shut with a £1,000,000 per month offer. Ronaldo wanted to leave but Fergie sold him for a price that’s presently in the Guinness Book of Records. Lampard, Terry, Essien, Drogba and Carvalho were the media Vultures favorites to reunite with Mourinho at Inter but Carvalho was allowed to go because he was aging while the rest stayed in Stamford Bridge. Steven Gerrard was linked heavily with a move from Anfield but the hierarchy at Liverpool did well to quell the threat that the enemy posed. Even Twitchy Ol’ Harry of Tottenham has been playing hard ball with Luka Modric because the player is regarded as the best and you do not let your best players leave especially when you don’t need the money.

According to Forbes, Arsenal is the 3rd richest club with $1B or so and it really amazes me to know that Wenger and Gazidis are willing to accept Barcelona’s new meager offer for Fabregas. In 2006, this same Barcelona offered up to £50m for Thierry Henry but Arsenal said no and let him go for £16m seasons later. It’s just shameful to know that Arsenal has decided to live up to the selling club tag and I must say that I’ll be very pissed when Fabregas leaves Arsenal under such circumstances.

The media Vultures will also link Arsenal with a million and one ideal replacements for Fabregas and names like Arteta, and Mata will be mentioned again so it’s left to Wenger to do what he must.

If Arsenal goes trophyless for the 7th year after the sale of Fabregas and probably Nasri, Wenger’s head will definitely be on a plate.  In all my years as an Arsenal fan, I’ve seen great captains….Tony Adams, David Seaman, Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry and Gilberto Silva.

Arsenal’s last two captains, Mercenary Gallas and El Capitan have had their moments though.

In Arsene We Trust.


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