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New Liverpool Signing Praises Boss Dalglish

Liverpool winger Stewart Downing credits his early season form to manager Kenny Dalglish.

Downing admits he’s thriving under the Scot’s man-management and his intense training programme. The former Aston Villa winger has made an immediate impact at Anfield since his £20million move from Villa Park this summer.

“It’s high intensity,” he told “Kenny demands from his players, he wants the best. You train the way you play for him. With the competition we have for places, we have to train well.

“He’s pretty laid back but he demands from people, which I like. He’s a good man manager. He speaks to you, tells you what he wants from you and the team. He’s just a good manager to play for, really – if you ask any of the players they’ll tell you that.”

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  1. Afolabi kazeem

    September 3, 2011 at 12:53 am

    Belive me,liverpool has been playing an impresive game since the begnin of this campaign bt they still need a very solid team work so as to be more confident on d pitch and as well be able 2 resist any pressure they likely subjected to by their counterpart. Concerning d current players,they ‘re all playing well bt not up to expectations.Besides, andy carrol is nt a complete striker as he get little strenght to compete for ball,at times he passes to the opponents.He only good @ noddding especially when contesting for ball inside d 18 metres box but that shd nt be alone quality of a good striker.

  2. Tony

    September 3, 2011 at 4:17 am

    Stewart Downing is a decent footballer at best, but he will succeed at a level where no other Liverpool player has ever achieved. When Downing so publicly praises Dalglish, he has not only mastered, but also elevated the art of ‘currying favour’ to a whole new dimension.

  3. Godwineo

    September 3, 2011 at 4:38 am

    Its true d lads are getin on it, afolabi i go wit u, team work, confidence is nw wat is needed in d team bt it jst dnt com so easily, bliv me if a litle blendin, polishng, n additional wrk is done 2 hw they play bolton, den there is a barcelona team in london in LIVERPOOL.

  4. Stewart Southward

    September 4, 2011 at 2:01 pm

    I have supported Liverpool Football Club for nearly forty years in that time ive seen outstanding players ,outstanding football ,and ive seen outstanding managers ,but since Dalglish left the squad in 90/91 season the three requirements have never completely joined together until now and its my belief that to be succesful youve got to want to Liverpool football club to become your life blood ,let me try and make things clearer weve had outstanding foreign players that have told us they love the club and tried to emulate the commitments shown by the likes of Carra and Gerard and to be fair Fowler ,so in return we have taken them to our hearts and honoured them with our belief that they will never walk alone ,only to be handing in transfer request for monetery gain when our backs are against the wall ,with the exception of Hypia/Alonso /Kuyt..They will never walk alone,weve had managers who have tried to do things there own way (destroyed some of anfields most important heritage) just to feed there own ego and then bought second rate players to style a totally different style of play which is criminal in my view ,to the way of liverpools beautifully crafted pass and move game ,also we have had managers who has just not had the co’operation off players who liked to be alittle different who do not follow the importance of playing the liverpool way and in return caused animosity in the team ie Collymore,Ruddock,Dicks ….theres quite a few more ,,,,,,,,,,,,,But now that Dalglish is now back in charge its no surprise to me that things are running how they should and its only gonna get better ,players are smiling once again ,there football is immeasurably better ,and there hungry for success ….and its all through the life blood that runs through our club this is the resurrection ,we are now one again ,we will never walk alone ,and teams will realise this and they will fear us once again ……god bless you Dalglish for you truly are the Messiah ynwa96rip

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