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Arsene disappointed with Arshavin and plans Eduardo talks


By Fab4.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has expressed his disappointment at Andrey Arshavin’s latest comments in the press, although he has doubts about how the quotes may have been translated. Wenger also plans to speak with Croatian striker Eduardo about his Arsenal future at the end of the season.

Earlier this week Arshavin was quoted as saying he still dreams of playing for Barcelona and it would be the peak of his career to play just one season in Catalonia, which was the latest in a long line of out-bursts by the Russian international since he joined the Gunners. For a full report on Arshavin’s quotes, click here.

While his boss Arsene Wenger feels a certain amount of distance should be taken from such comments, he does think his players should show their full commitment to Arsenal at all times.

“Yes, I am very disappointed because he shows a completely different attitude,” said Wenger.

“He wants to extend his contract with us and stay with us, so the noise coming out of Russia is very difficult to explain.

“He looks to be very happy here, so you should ask him where it comes from.”

“We do not, of course, accept that. When you are at Arsenal, you are at Arsenal. When you are somewhere else, you are somewhere else.

“I believe that your pride makes first that you defend your club.

“Everybody has the freedom to speak, but you want to make sure first of all that you respect your club.”

Wenger, though, reflected: “I just put one question mark behind the things that come back translated.

“Usually you have direct access to him, you can ask him where that comes from.

“I don’t forbid you to talk to him, but I take with a little bit of distance what comes back translated sometimes with the help of some agents who want to move the players.”

Perhaps Arsene is right and we should give Arshavin the benefit of the doubt and his comments could have been translated incorrectly. But this isn’t the first time he has gobbed off in the media, whether it’s in Russian, England or on his own website and he should have been told by now to keep his mouth shut.

Wenger has also confirmed he plans to hold talks with striker Eduardo to discuss the players future at Arsenal. The Croatian has struggled to find his best form following a serious leg break in 2008, and has only scored 6 goals in 31 appearances for the Gunners this season. To be fair to Dudu he has had his fair share of injuries to contend with and has mainly had to make do with a place on the bench.

What is surprising about Eduardo this year is his apparant lack of confidence in front of goal. Before his horrific leg break, he was one of the coolest finishers in the world. But Wenger is backing him to find his best form next term.

“In the last two months he looked sharp to me. It was the first full season after the surgery at the end of last season.

“He was a bit disturbed. I think next season should be better for him.

“He is very important, but I will assess that situation before the end of the season to see how he feels.

“He is 25/26-years-old and wants to play. We extended his contract because we believe in him.”

I’m not sure how this Eduardo situation will pan out. I was a big fan of him before his injury and would love nothing more than for him to regain his deadly form in front of goal, but the signs this season haven’t been good. It’s just a case of whether he feels he needs to go to another country to finally move on from his leg break and start a-fresh, or keep fighting at Arsenal where he’s unlikely to be a first team regular and may be burdened by memories of that dark day at St. Andrews.Only time will tell.

What do Arsenal fans think about the Arshavin comments, should he be given the benefit of the doubt? Should Eduardo stay or move on? Please leave your comments below…

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