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7 Reasons Why Man Utd DONT Need To Sign Anyone In January

Recently I have heard little rumours here and there about January transfer targets for Sir Alex Ferguson. Don’t worry it’s not the dreaded ‘S’ name we have heard all summer (Wesley Sneijder in case you forgot) but a few young stars and of course Mario Gotze will be linked come January and summer 2012.

While rumours and the term “According to one source” seem to get our brain cells going and our full dedicated attention, the question should be is it even worth thinking about improving the squad considering the start to the season we have had?

Constantly rumours surface linking the newest hot prospect in Spain/Italy/Germany with transfers to Manchester United or Chelsea. Understandably we will not be looking to add to our squad come January but obviously summer 2012 will be a completely different story.

Unless a dramatic bout of injuries take its toll on us even more so than the amount we have now it’s increasingly unlikely we will need a new face at Old Trafford in January. Here are some points on why new signings are not needed:

1) No need for youth

United have been fielding a starting 11 with an average age of 23. When United demolished Arsenal last month the average age of the United squad was almost a year younger than Arsene Wenger’s men. Sure, some young players have been gaining some worldwide recognition abroad in particular Borussia Dortmund’s Gotze but is he any more talented than United’s own crop of youngsters? Tom Cleverley? Anderson?

Would Shinji Kagawa be a step above Nani? United could spend millions on youth, but in reality all they would be doing would be delaying the progress of some of football’s brightest talents they already have at their disposal. Any transfer rumours involving any young players and United should immediately be ignored.

2) Coped well with injuries

Earlier this season United were dealt injury blows that many pundits said would seriously ruin their start to the season. The loss of Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic against West Brom were assumed to be too difficult for United to replace. There was a concern of a lack of experience at the back and they would struggle and could be got at. Particularly in the case of Jonny Evans.

Well, surely now those pundits should be eating their words. Chris Smalling has improved even more so than last season showing versatility and has held down the right back spot even ahead of Champions League starter Fabio Da Silva. Phil Jones has been grabbing all the headlines with blistering displays and will no doubt be a regular for United for years to come. His surging runs forward on the attack and adding composure in the back compliments Jonny Evans who has come into his own this season and has made fans almost forget about the unreliable shaky inconsistent Evans from last year.

3) Too much quality

If anything, United have too much quality in their ranks, and Sir Alex must be struggling to find out how to fit in all of these players. Wayne Rooney is on fire playing the best football since his form in the 2009-10 season having put personal problems behind him, Danny Welbeck has been a revelation since his return from Sunderland and Javier Hernandez has picked up where he left off last season but for being on the end of a few nasty challenges. Oh, and Dimitar Berbatov and Michael Owen aren’t bad options either are they?

Do United really need Napoli’s Edinson Cavani? There was talk in the summer but striking options are pretty much United’s solid point with 5 fantastic choices to choose from. It was only 2 seasons ago when Nani was frustrating fans with his numerous step-over’s, useless feints, wayward shots high over the bar and wasteful passing. That’s kind of how many fans felt for the first few years of Cristiano Ronaldo’s time at Old Trafford.

Now Nani has exercised his demons and is out of Ronaldo’s shadow when he was at Old Trafford. He has even furthermore progressed from his form last season and let’s not forgot statistically he is superior to Ronaldo. Calm down though I said STATISTICALLY!

4) Expensive risk?

United have always looked to have a mixture of the youth with experience. That experience never comes from signings but United’s philosophy has always looked to acquire young talent and groom them into world beaters. Who heard of Vidic before 2005? Hernandez? Nani? These players were all groomed into brilliant stars and all bought under the age of 25.

Many players who were considered youngsters are maturing now and gaining experience. The Da Silva twins seem to have cut out the silly challenges from their games and Evans has realized he is at Old Trafford and must perform every game given the chance or he will be shipped out fast. Nani has cut out his frustrating side of his game (most of the time) and Cleverley is learning game by game.

Forking out £35 million for one player does not fit United’s style anymore. It does not seem like that will happen again for some time. When we have splashed out big money it has not always worked out. Juan Veron for example was despite his given talent a failure. The clubs best players have been acquired for less than £5 million. Roy Keane – £3.75 million from Nottingham Forest and Eric Cantona – £1.2 million, fine examples who went down as iconic figures in the history of the club.

United instead have shown a trend for developing their own youth, as opposed to buying developed talent like their neighbours. It is a strategy that has frustrated fans at times with some wanting a big central midfielder to conquer Europe but personally it is a great sight to see young lads like Cleverley and Welbeck progressing at Old Trafford to hopefully one day be first team regulars for years to come. The youngsters are hungry and keen to impress and deserve their chance rather than a £200K star who expects to walk into the side.

5) Cleverley/Anderson partnership

Many said that by United failing to sign Luka Modric, Marek Hamsik, Sneijder, etc. or any other name earmarked to replace Paul Scholes would cause the club to struggle in Europe in particular. (The Barcelona factor)

With Anderson coming of age and proving to be a true box-to-box midfielder, he has established himself as one of the players of the season so far. Of course he will have dips in form but United also have Darren Fletcher and Michael Carrick – two experienced players – to come in also.

The midfield partnership of Tom Cleverley and Anderson has a balance of creativity, composure and tenacity. The duo could be the central midfield partnership for the entire season with an average age of 22. They are no Xavi and Iniesta but let’s give these two a chance. They have the potential and with a few years maturing and improving alongside each other could be very hard to dislodge.

6) Settling in period

It is highly unlikely that United will add a player in January who will come in and contribute right away. Most players bought in January succumb to fierce amounts of pressure. Fernando Torres for instance.

Unfortunately not every player is a Sergio Aguero or Luis Suarez who takes the Premier League by storm. Vidic and Evra struggled for months upon arrival in the fastest league in the world when they joined United in the 2006 winter transfer-window. It takes time for a player to settle, and there is no guarantee when coming to the Premiership.

7) Consistency

January is the month where top contenders begin to seriously materialize and form and consistency is important. Not to mention the depth of a squad.

Assuming that a season-ending injury doesn’t take Rooney, which lead to the demise of our 2009-10 season, United will continue their form through January. The team appears to be clicking in ways that are superior to seasons’ past and it is the best start to a season we have had in years. The players are genuinely enjoying their football and each other.

The defence recently has been a tad bit shaky but saying that we have yet to welcome back our captain Vidic. Smalling is injured as are both the Da Silva twins and Ferdinand having his usual injury worries game by game with Valencia having to deputize at right back. The theory this season seems to be that no matter how much the opposition scores United will score more with attacking threats from Rooney Hernandez Young and Nani who are a frightening front four with pace.

Currently the start to the Premier League table reads as such: seven matches, six wins, one draw, 19 points, 25 goals scored, five goals against and a goal differential of plus 19.

Oh, and there was that 8-2 demolition of Arsenal. Two successive Rooney hat-tricks too. Not that anyone remembers them. Still if Sir Alex Ferguson’s history has taught us anything, it’s that the manager is never, ever satisfied. He will always be looking to improve.

Will he be looking to make a deal in the January transfer window? Hard to say. Is it a necessity? No. Will a signing happen? Wait and See.

While I would not be against another signing, it is not in drastic need. When everyone is 100% fit and on form we will not give another signing another second’s thought. What will Sir Alex do? We don’t know but if he does see a coup in January he will snap it up, if it’s the right thing to do.

In the meantime let’s focus on the squad we have and the huge trip to Anfield this Saturday. If we are struggling come January we can lambast about new signings but for now it’s concentrating on what we have and that’s getting our first win at the home of our biggest rivals Liverpool since December 2007.



  1. felixwcf

    October 11, 2011 at 9:13 am

    I’m SICK of this article and author probably is a Liverpool fan…

  2. spence

    October 11, 2011 at 9:45 am

    Where to start with this article?!! OK, to take some of the points:

    Start to the season: Yes on paper we have started well but we were fortunate to play Arsenal and Spurs when they could hardly put a team out. We have given the opposition god knows how many chances in every game and with better finishing we could have been on the wrong end of a few results, how long will that luck last?

    Lucky with injuries: We are coping at the moment but look how turgid our football has become without Cleverley (our great hope) in the side, Anderson has gone off the boil and we are back to the predictability of a Carrick/Fletcher midfield. Come the business end to the season we might win the Prem but the Champions League will be beyond us again because of the dearth of quality in centre midfield which brings me to:

    Too much quality: You’re having a laugh aren’t you?!! The jury has to be out on Anderson still because in all his time at the club he has proven to be too inconsistent and I think it was a mistake to award him a new contract after he managed to score a couple of goals and string three or four decent performances together. For a player of his alleged ability we should be expecting a hell of a lot more. Cleverley has become our saviour through not playing which tells you everything you need to know about United fans thoughts of our midfield, we are sick to death of watching decent (but not great) players like Carrick and, to a much lesser extent, Fletcher stumbling around the pitch delivering the sum total of f**k all. IMO if Fergie is serious about winning the Champions League again we should have signed a proven CM player, somebody with presence on the pitch, a leader, something we are completely lacking. De Rossi would have been great and would have taken us to another level IMO and we might have stood a chance against the likes of Barca but we will go into Europe having learnt nothing from the two schoolings Barca gave us – Fergie made a big mistake here.

    • alberto

      October 11, 2011 at 1:01 pm

      i totally agree wth spence,u ar a real man utd fan who dosnt want 2 endure de pain barca has gven has in last two fials of champs leag,we nid talent and youth if we are 2 win any major trophy dis season,man cty and chlsea ar cumn dont foget.we ought to learn sumthn frm barca cz our midfield z stil below par.plz we nid an extra player in jan and not fletch or carik,lets be real wth ourselv barca,madrid or bayern ar favorits 2win cl cz of de quality of players they have, plz dnt even blame referees or de gea if we dot mak it cz u saw hw man city ws humbled in munich

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  4. Jack

    October 11, 2011 at 11:23 am

    if Rm have Ozil, lonso, Kaka, Ronaldo, Di maria, in their Midfiel and cany beat Barca u really thikn the De Rossi and/or Sniejder is gonna get the job done? all we need to beat Barca is youth, energy a genuine hunger to fight for the ball after uve won a one off tournament that hunger is lost because uve already tasted victory that why were also unable to win an FA cu, watch when our first team is back ALL OF EM u’ll see we’ll start blowing by teams again and ur tune will change as per usual…oh he of little faith

  5. Nana Yaw Boadu

    October 11, 2011 at 2:59 pm

    I don’t know what you people are talking about.Since I started supporting Manchester United,I have not seen our team to possess any big players.Yet we win matches.The Carrick and Fletcher that Spence says are not good were the same players we used to beat Barcelona in 2008 so what is he talking about.Does he say he knows better than Sir Alex Ferguson??No,obviously not.If the man in charge says they are good enough to warrant new contracts,I don’t think anyone can say that they are not good enough.Unless injuries that sweep across the team,I don’t think we need any more players.

    • spence

      October 11, 2011 at 4:04 pm

      Where did I say Carrick and Fletcher weren’t good enough? I said that they are decent, just not great, players. All of our players are good enough for the Premier League but when it comes to the European elite we have been shown to be wanting, twice, by Barcalona – Fergie is judging himself and United on the amount of European cups we have won and he admits himself that we haven’t won enough for a club the size of United.

      Out it this way, have we improved since the first final we lost to Barca? You would have to say no based on last seasons final which was even more humiliating given that Fergie came out saying that lessons had been learnt, they very obviously hadn’t and we got battered.

      We are stronger in most areas of the pitch apart from midfield now that we have lost Scholes, Hargreaves and Gibson – OK the last two hardly ever played for us but that’s three players out and one, Cleverley, in. An unproven player at that but all of our hopes are resting on his shoulders which is unfair and unnecessary pressure on such a young player.

    • John

      October 12, 2011 at 2:30 am

      Not seen big players? Ronaldo and tevez were there for the 08 final if it wasn’t for ronaldos prolific goals we wouldn’t have been there

      Big name players :

      The list is huge, And we had all of them until they were just about to leave their prime
      We should have signed a big name player Rooney can’t carry us on his own

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  8. moe

    October 11, 2011 at 9:27 pm

    The reasons why United need to sign a Midfielder.
    1) Anderson and Cleverly are Unproven and United are relying to much on the width of Young, Valencia and Nani. Yes they have shown potential, but they do not offer unique attacking potential.
    2) Alternatives are crap
    3) Offer limited protection to defense
    4) And not match winners, neither are like Scholes or Keane who could win matches through pure skill or desire. E.g Scholes vs Barcelona at OT or Keane vs Juventus when United were 2 nil down after 10 mins.
    5) All our rivals have better central midfielders and none would sign any of ours.
    6) At best these two midfilelders will fall at the last hurdle, at worst they will disintegrate over time and by April United will be out of the running for the many trophies.
    7) United need a defensive midfielder who can break up play and a creative midfielder in the mould of Xavi or Modric who can play precision passes that open up play.

  9. Kiki

    October 12, 2011 at 2:29 am

    I have to agree with Moe and Spence. Although anderson and cleverley are top EPL players, when you compare the pairing to our UCL rivals, you will see we are significantly weaker. Barca (xavi & iniesta) Real (Alonso & Ozil) Inter (Sneijder & Stankovic)

  10. Toby

    October 12, 2011 at 3:13 am

    These are all good points but the fact is with the home grown and fair play rules coming in, concentrating on our current players is a far better idea than paying the 200k a week for a player who will only be top for 3 to 4 years. Look at the youth coming through, how will Pogba cope with more central midfielders coming in?? How will Will Keane come in with a new striker?? I feel our best bet is to wait and see how the season pans out rather than jump to conclusions before the first quarter of the season is over. And by the way Barcelona and Real Madrid are not going to be in such a safe position when the fair play rules come in, and if you do not think so why else would Barce sign their first shirt sponsorship other than Unicef???

    • spence

      October 18, 2011 at 2:46 pm

      Gawd, hope that we’re not in the market for any more strikers, we already have too many!

      I agree with your comments about blocking the youngsters at the club but IMO we need somebody in now to compliment them and what happens if the young lads don’t make the grade? It seems that we are relying on the potential of several players without having any idea how they will perform when in the first team – so many players fall by the wayside when they make the step up which would leave us in the shite because we wouldn’t have anybody to fall back on.

  11. mpangire

    October 12, 2011 at 8:31 am


  12. arindham

    October 16, 2011 at 9:43 am

    we neeed to sign a good midfielder . we hve young,anderson nani cleverley . but if any 1 of them gets injured den carrick n fletcher would appear who just pass for fun n r not good enough . we need sneijder or modric as a good replacement

  13. Tubai

    October 27, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    A completely headless stuff. Is there any “midfielder” in Man U rank who can pose a threat to the opponents. The writer should not be so passionate to think about saving Glazer’s money or Fergie’s one-man show. Help Man U build a team, full of stars and starlets.

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