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£30m?! Arsenal Need To Make Barca Pay


By Fab4.

Well it looks increasingly likely that our captain Cesc Fabregas has had enough of life without trophies at Arsenal and has finally decided to return to Barcelona and further his career. Although i will majorly disappointed if/when he leaves but i have been prepared for this day for over 2 years. It was only a matter of time before Fabregas returned home, but I’m just a little gutted he hasn’t given us one more year.

Just as Arsene Wenger seems to have finally realised he needs to buy in order to bring back the glory days, Cesc goes and ruins it all by pi**ing off to Barca. Of course at the time of writing, all the speculation is still to be officially confirmed, but the story seems to have a lot of substance so it seems 99% certain that Cesc has in fact told Arsene he wants to go. So with that in mind, my message to Arsenal is LETS MAKE BARCA WORK FOR HIM!

In my opinion Arsenal are easy pickings when it comes to selling players. Arsene has a theory that it’s wrong to keep a player against his will. I have my issues with this, but i can understand the thinking behind it. But that doesn’t mean we just have to bend over and give our star players away. The reported figure of £30-£35m for Fabregas is ludicrous. Apparently Arsenal will want at least £40m, but if United can get £80m cash for Ronaldo, if Barca are willing to pay £60m PLUS Samuel Eto’o for that twat Ibrahimovic and if Kaka is worth £55m, then Fabregas has got to be worth £50m. Simple.

I have read that Fabregas wants the deal done quickly so he can concentrate on the World Cup. That’s all well and good Cesc, but if your leaving Arsenal it should be on our terms, not yours. If Barca aren’t willing to pay your market value, then they cant want you that much. We should not be held ransom just because a player says he wants to leave. It’s not like he will go on strike and refuse to play, he’s not the sort and respects Arsene, Arsenal and the fans too much. So we have got to hold out for the best deal possible. If that means the deal doesn’t happen and Fabregas remains an Arsenal player then so be it. I hope Wenger let Cesc know this in their ‘meeting’ yesterday.

If we sell Fabregas, our most prized asset, for £30m i will be a seriously pi**ed off Gooner and left questioning the club management. Another question will be, how should Wenger spend the cash? But best to leave that for another day!

How do Arsenal fans feel about the impending departure of Fabregas? Please leave your comments below..

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