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England v Germany player ratings

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By Dan Smith.

Well, England’s World Cup is over for another 4 years after being crushed by Germany in what was in my opinion one of the worst defensive displays I have ever seen. Again I am left scratching around for ratings for players that would tell you they all played appallingly.

David James – 6 Star Man

In what was a defensive nightmare for England, if it wasn’t for James it would have been more. Made some great saves and catches and commanded his area.

Glen Johnson – 4

The worst game I’ve seen Johnson play in a long time, looked nervous from the off, was always under pressure when Podolski took a run at him and couldn’t keep up with the attacks.

John Terry – 4

Terry got lost further up field than he should have been which led to our downfall at the back. He and Upson played like they had never even met before.

Matthew Upson – 4

Despite Upson’s goal, he had an awful game, made some catastrophic mistakes to let the German’s in.

Ashley Cole – 5

Again one of England’s ‘better’ players. Was strong with Ozil when defending but looked jaded at times.

James Milner – 5

Didn’t have a bad game, crossed when he needed to and nearly created a goal for Lampard.

Frank Lampard – 4

Despite his ‘goal’ that never was, Lampard again looked lost. Played some intricate balls around in the middle but failed to get involved. Hit the bar early in the second half.

Gareth Barry – 3

Gave the ball away time and again in dangerous areas resulting in Germany scoring. Another who looked tired and in need of a rest.

Steven Gerrard – 5

Gerrard tried to get England going at times and tried to be creative but the final pass was never there in a time we needed it most.

Wayne Rooney – 3

Never looked like getting into the game, never looked like creating anything and never looked dangerous. Unfit.

Jermain Defoe – 4

Looked the most likely to score but never had the service to do it. Would have seen more from him had we got the ball wide more.


Joe Cole – 5

Brought some urgency to the side and tried to get us going but with the players heads gone it was always going to be hard.

Emile Heskey – 3

Not quite sure why he was involved, was never going to score or create anything for us.

Shaun Wright-Phillips – 3

Not enough time to make an impact.

Fabio Capello – 3

Seemed lost for ideas when Germany scored their second, we needed a change of emphasis and it never came.

England’s Overall Performance – 3

England never got going, today and, in the whole tournament. We looked average, we looked tired, we never seemed bothered. Some players should be looking at themselves on the plane home and ask if they could have done more. We were lost for ideas at times for an England side full of creative players at club level. The question now remains, why do these players always underachieve at major tournaments?

The goal that wasn’t may have changed the game but Germany never looked under threat, no doubt the press will use that as an excuse as to why we lost but we should have kicked on, we should have upped the tempo and made Germany pay, but we’re not good enough. Simple.

I personally would like to see an English manager take over and my preference would be Harry Redknapp. He knows some of the lads on a personal level, he understands the way they play, the systems that work and would have that English passion we so badly need.

Here’s to another 4 years of waiting.

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