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Liverpool’s Suarez Conspiracy Finally Over?

After a long row that started in October and included an 8-match ban, non-handshakes, tunnel bust-ups and apologies, is the Evra-Suarez race-row finally over?


Sometimes you just have to admit you are in the wrong. Take a breath, step forward and hold your hands up – apologize sincerely and move on. Ever since October however, in which the infamous case of racial abuse unfolded at Anfield between Liverpool’s Luis Suarez and Manchester United’s Patrice Evra, Liverpool football club have found it unbelievably difficult to accept any guilt and wrap the ugly case up with a simple but sincere apology.

The bizarre t-shirts boasting support for Suarez amidst the allegations, the inappropriately belligerent and accusing club statements, the extraordinarily defensive interviews conducted by Kenny Dalglish throughout the whole foul affair, and the comically paradoxical catchphrase of ‘Justice for Suarez’ despite him being the antagonist, hardly covered Liverpool in any glory.

Of course, they were standing up for their player; shielding him from heavy public scrutiny, but when an independent regulatory commission finds the player guilty of calling Evra an offensive, racially discriminatory term – unacceptable in England – perhaps the time of tribalism is over and the time for acceptance begins.

However, the ‘Great Liverpool Conspiracy’ continued with complete denial of any wrongdoing on Suarez’s part and continuous smears against Patrice Evra, with Dalglish even stating upon Suarez’s return after his lengthy ban that he shouldn’t have been out in the first place.

The unwanted episode in footballs undesirably long list of controversies reached its extraordinary pinnacle with the pre-match ritual of hand-shakes inside Old Trafford on Saturday. Despite both players revealing to their managers before the event that they would in fact offer their hands in a gesture of fair play, Liverpool’s Uruguayan striker breezed passed Patrice Evra’s reluctantly offered hand, much to the Manchester United defenders disdain. (watch the incident again here)

It became the talking point of the whole game; a handshake which should symbolize peace, respect and fair play between the two sides was carelessly neglected by Suarez. Considering his guilty charge by the Football Association and the criticism he has come under for his actions in October as well as the huge extent to which his club has gone to to protect him from the backlash, it was supremely idiotic and immature.

An oblivious Kenny Dalglish went on the defensive rampage when questioned about the awful behaviour after the game, further marginalizing Liverpool as delusional and dismissive of the circumstances despite the seriousness. Both Dalglish and Suarez had not improved the shoddy situation which had shredded the stature and history of the club in the past few months with plain ignorance and a skewered ‘everyone against us’ mentality.

Then came the apologies. Under heavy pressure no doubt, several statements came from Liverpool admitting guilt and delivering the overdue apologies of misconduct in the situation from Suarez, Dalglish and Liverpool managing director, Ian Ayre. All condemned Suarez’s actions, saying that the club and the manager had been let down, with the player acknowledging this and apologising with the hope that he can finally move on. (Read the statements on

Manchester United accepted these apologies soon after, which hopefully puts a long overdue close to the appalling situation which could have been solved way back in October with an admission of guilt and sincere apology rather than aggressive, over protective statements defending a guilty man.

Hopefully now this can all be put behind the two clubs, with no match between United and Liverpool until next season. Perhaps Liverpool, especially those defending Suarez’s refusal to shake Evra’s hand claiming that it was Evra’s fault, can also end this apparent Liverpool conspiracy embedded into some people mind that everyone is out to get Liverpool. They were in the wrong and have said sorry. Enough is enough.

Thanks to DBSfootball for submitting this guest post.

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