[Video] David Beckham’s Music Video Debut – ‘Ode To Joy’

By on May 24, 2012

David Beckham has taken part in a unique video campaign where he recreates Beethovens famous ‘Ode to Joy’, using footballs.

The video is to promote the new Samsung Galaxy Note mobile phone and Beckham’s right foot was seen as the perfect instrument to recreate Beethoven’s masterpiece for the commercial, as the former Manchester United man made his debut in the music world.


Beckham made his name at Old Trafford and became renowned for the accuracy of his set pieces and crossing, and this would have bode well for him when tasked with firing footballs at a 15-foot wall made up of 40 drums.

Of course even Golden Balls couldn’t pull this off without some camera trickery and clever editing, but as you can see from the video above, it’s still an impressive outcome.

Samsung is a sponsor for this summers London 2012 Olympic Games and Beck’s is their official ambassador for the event. Maybe he’s using the video for a bit of self promotion, to remind Stewart Pearce what’s he’s capable of ahead of Psycho naming his squad the Games?

Despite the traditional focus on youth, surely 37-year-old Beck’s has earned a place in Pearce’s Team GB squad? He’s not only the most recognisable British sports personality in the world and worked hard to secure the games in London, but he’s also still doing the business on the pitch for LA Galaxy.

So i think we’ll be seeing Beckham strutting his stuff on the pitch this summer, and


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