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Gambling on the Premier League winners

This season’s Premier League looks set to be every bit as exciting as the dramatic conclusion to last season, with Manchester United currently holding a similar advantage to that which Manchester City had at the same point last season, but every indication that there are still plenty of twists and turns to come before the season is over. This makes betting on who will end up winning the title an exciting, if risky, prospect – perhaps the challenge being exactly what attracts so many sports betting fans to it.

Sports betting remains the most popular type of betting for most football fans, which is not surprising as it allows them to gamble on something they know about and love, but increasingly other gaming sectors like the online casinos are looking at ways of appealing to football fans. After all, during the close season and much of the week, there is not much to appeal to fans of football and betting – which is where slots games like Soccer Safari, found at, could fill a niche. Online bookmakers and casinos alike have been reaping the benefits of the recent boom in the smartphone industry – users can now place a bet or have a go at their favourite card games simply by taking their phone out their pocket.

This is a slot game based around football, as it involves animal players competing in a World Cup-style tournament in Africa – making a combination of serious football game and goofy humour. While it is unlikely anyone will claim that it surpasses the thrill of the kind of last-minute drama we saw in the Premier League last season, it offers the ideal way for football and betting fans to have a bit of fun between matches, and during the summer.

Indeed it could be a welcome tonic for those who pick the wrong side when betting on the winner of this season’s Premiership, as many will currently be rushing to put money on the men from Old Trafford. Despite a healthy lead over their rivals, Manchester United still face a lot of tough games domestically and in the Champions League and are leaking goals at an alarming rate. Thus those deciding the league is already won may find themselves looking for some solace come May.

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