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England’s Shortcoming’s Should Not Be Solely Blamed On The Manager

England manager fabio capello

Written By DBSFootball

As England fans sit down in front of their televisions on Friday to watch England play against Bulgaria, it will bring back all the memories of the latest World Cup exit and leave a sickening feeling in even die hard England fans. We all know that it is hard to watch England, with catastrophic mistakes just around the corner and uncharacteristic errors just seconds away. These blunders are magnified enormously as they are watched by millions of fans around England and the world. Fabio Capello knows more than anyone that when mistakes happen, everyone wants someone to blame.

In the most recent World Cup failure, as with so many others, the manager has been the one who has been attacked as the weak-link in the team. He is blamed for the failings of a team with the players of such high-quality that they should be able to beat any nation on any given day. But with the only thing to change between major competitions being the manager (and of course the retiring of players) it must be questioned as to why the new manger is blamed when it has been the players who have failed to deliver.

Capello has been under massive pressure to leave his England post by certain newspapers who have branded him as stupid and evan a “jackass” since England lost to Germany in the World Cup. Yes, he made mistakes during the competition, but so did the players. I fear that fans and newspapers like to demand the manager to be sacked because they think it will make things better, and also because they can. Under massive pressure of the media, the FA can crumble and try to appease fans by giving them the managers head. But this is only a short term solution. It doesn’t solve much, and it makes you wonder, who would want to be manager of England. The criticism of Capello is hardly fair. He understands that he made mistakes, but to call a manager who has won most of Europes top prizes and managed Europes top clubs stupid and a “jackass” is absurd.

As fans, we need to realise that over the past forty four years, England, with excellent players have won nothing. We have been the victim of incredibly bad luck over the years, Robert Green and Frank Lampard could tell you that. But the ammount of managers that we have gone through without winning anything – and these are highly experienced, top class (well paid) managers, we need to think logically and realise that it isn’t all the managers fault, and the easier we turn against the men who lead out our nation in major competitions, the harder it will be for them to do their job.

What are your thoughts on Fabio Capello and the massive amount of crticism directed at him?



  1. davespurs

    September 3, 2010 at 9:46 am

    Cappelo wheres classes but he cant see the Missing link his Huddlestone. This lad was given a total of eighty mins football to prove how good he was . His cameo ten mins against Brazil created two chances for Defoe and one for Crouch he also had a shot blocked. His Ultra cautious display against Japan playing him with players who where out of position or already on the plane also never helped his cause. This means Huddlestone his a victim of Cappelos short sightedness that will end with his sacking. Huddlestone has bean in tremendous form since his snub by Cappelo and only Wigans sudden( energy) surge was his only negative performance this year and the Fa will be watching Wigan and other Teams high tempo when therumourman tells them how they up there Tempo so high. What you get with Huddlestone his the best passer with both feet a thunderous shot extra height in defence at 6ft3 and he keeps the ball moving England don’t have this type of player also Lennon his another who only needs to be fit yet Cappelo has ignored him also . This is two reasons Cappelos short sightedness and Harry Redknapps criticism of Cappelo and being linked with his job means two gifted players have bean over looked and will come back to haunt him.


    September 3, 2010 at 2:12 pm

    Capello is an ULTRA-FAGGOT like the rest of his country men ,thats also the reason why England loves him so much EDL ARE POOR ALCHOHOLIC INBRED SEXUALLY CONFUSED AND FATHERLESS ,BNP SUCK ISLAMIC COCK

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