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Ex-United player claims it’s “really embarrassing” for Torres to play for Liverpool

Written by Ross Mackiewicz

Barcelona centre-back Gerard Pique has delivered a damning verdict on Fernando Torres’s Liverpool future by labelling the Merseysiders as “embarrassing”.

Pique who enjoyed a magnificent summer along with Torres as they clinched Spain’s first World Cup title, believes that the 26 year old has shown enough loyalty to The Reds and should now seek pastures new in order to win titles and honours.

“There is no way this can go on for Nando. It’s just impossible.” the Catalan told the Daily Star Sunday.

“I spoke with him before he committed to Liverpool and he told me he wanted to win things with Liverpool, but if the club didn’t invest and show real intent, he would be forced to leave.”

The ex-Manchester United star went on to say that the quality of the Liverpool team is “embarrassing” and a player of the calibre of their number nine should not be competing in the UEFA Europa League.

“It’s really embarrassing for Nando to play in a team of that quality.”

“You would not see Messi or Rooney playing in the Europa League so there is no reason why Nando should be playing there.”

“Along with David Villa, he is the best striker in the world. He needs to be winning things domestically like he does with Spain.”

The defender is in no doubt that the club have delivered a number of false promises to the striker in terms of investing and challenging for major honours. The five time European Cup winners have stuttered somewhat so far this season in the league as well as succumbing to  a shock third round exit in the Carling Cup to Northampton Town.

Pique concluded by declaring his desire to see his friend join him in Catalonia

“Liverpool are really testing Nando’s loyalty. For the last two seasons they have promised him they will challenge. They haven’t delivered on it at all.”

“The ownership of the club looks completely unstable. It doesn’t look like the manager or the players have any faith in the club. There can be no questions when Nando leaves in the summer. Players of less quality would have left last summer.”

“But he is a decent guy and believed it when they told him they would invest. I am not just saying this because I want him to join Barcelona. The truth is I don’t know if he will. It might be Chelsea, it might be Real Madrid,it might be Barcelona.”

“But I know he wants to join a club where he can win league titles and European Cups. I would love us to sign Nando in the summer.”

Liverpool came from 2-1 behind to draw with Sunderland at the weekend thanks to a Steven Gerrard header – who was assisted by Torres.

What do you think of Pique’s comments? Is he right or wrong in what he’s saying? Let us know.



  1. pete

    September 27, 2010 at 9:08 am

    Yet again another Barcelona player taps up another clubs player. Messi and Pique should be disciplined for their crass attempts to spread lies and unsettle other teams players. I hope Barcelona win nothing.

  2. Name (required)andy birmingham

    September 27, 2010 at 9:52 am

    hi there i totally agree with piques comments, the club have continually lied to th fans, the players and the managers… They have got people to sign contracts based on there lies….
    The fans quickly turned on Mascharano when he insisted he wanted to leave, will the same fans do the same if Torres expresses this wish… Javier was told he would not be allowed to leave last year because Alonso was leaving but to give it another year. In that time the owners have not done things they promised to make staying more attractive.
    Let me make it clear, I want all our top players to stay and make the club the best in europe again but the board/management cant be allowed to keep lying to players and fans and expect players to stay when there are clubs out there that will pay a fortune for a Torres, Gerrard or Reina….

  3. Andrew

    September 27, 2010 at 10:57 am

    This Pique cunt is really annoying me now, can’t shut his mouth about anything, first Fabregas then Masch now Torres, I hope they sign Lucio and Chielini and sell the mug to City where he can sit on the bench and get booed by the home support every time he warms up

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