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Mourinho 2.0

With Jose Mourinho making an emotional return to Stamford Bridge this summer, Chelsea fan Dominic Carter looks at what we can expect from him this time around.

With Jose Mourinho making an emotional return to Stamford Bridge this summer, writer and Chelsea fan Dominic Carter looks at what we can expect from the Portuguese coach this time around.


It’s 2005, and the man that goes by the name of “the special one” has just led his side to their first top flight title in fifty years. Euphoria has taken over Chelsea and the once top-6 battlers have transformed themselves into one of the world’s leading clubs.  For football fans around the world, this point signalled the start of a revolution, a blue revolution. Mourinho, with the backing of Abramovich had completely altered the whole mentality around Stamford Bridge, himself producing a new reflection of the modern day manager.

Gone were the days of the flat cap and tracksuit bottoms, Mourinho opting instead for something more Esquire than Roy of the Rovers. His youthful glow and just-right-hair contrasting with Arsene Wenger and Alex Ferguson, his continental demeanour bringing a fresh vibe to the Premier League.

But when Mourinho left and joined Inter Milan, he left a space in which no one really filled. No more self-confident humour and no more subtle arrogance, just the echoes of a man who had left behind a legacy.

So when we heard that he was to return, the majority of us shared a smile and anticipated a comeback for a person who, no matter what club you support, brought some much needed refreshment the first time he was here.

But after nine years is he the same man that left? Does he bring with him the same aura that captured a nation?

In one of his first interviews for Chelsea in 2004, Mourinho stated “I can promise you quality, work and love and passion to bring success to the club”. Ticks across the board. He most definitely brought success and with it a huge heart for a club he is now calling home.

The stars have alligned once again and to be truly honest, not much has changed since the last time he was here. Man City have improved and Sir Alex has stepped down, but Mourinho remains very much the same. During pre-season you can see that he is still an animated figure within the dugout, but with the same relaxed poker face up his sleeve along with the same passion and hunger to win.

His hair may be slightly greyer, his suit a size bigger and his confidence a bit more subdued, but Mourinho holds the same charisma as the person that left all those years ago. Nine years have made him ever wiser, managing two top clubs in two different divisions has brought some further experience at the top level.

At his disposal are some of the same players that won him the league in 2005. Lampard, Cole and Terry may be older but still hold an important part in the boss’ blueprints. Along with these old guns are the next generation, led by Lukaku, Van Ginkel and Luiz, the youthful successors.

Mourinho has all the traits to be a success again, his squad is arguably stronger and he has matured as a manager within the time he was gone. He should be successful. Not just in terms of results on the pitch, but in yet again capturing the hearts of English fans that took a shine to him first time round. This isn’t a new Mourinho, this is an improved Mourinho. Mourinho 2.0.

Are you excited about Jose’s return? How do you think things will be different this time? Share your views below.

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