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10 Ways for Man United to regain form

Written by gloryglorymanu.
Wayne Rooney has been in poor form this season

It would be a miracle of all of these things happened at once but we have identified some of the areas that Man Utd need to focus on to try and get out of the current mess they are in. The chances are that getting a couple of these right would sort us out and it’s not a case of complete doom and gloom because remember that we are unbeaten this year and if we could pick up that elusive away win we would be right there in the thick of things. Here are the 10 things United need to do to sort themselves out…

Rooney sorting out his head

This is the most obvious one and might take a little longer than expected. All Rooney has to show for his efforts in a United shirt since March is a penalty against West Ham and that is simply not good enough. If we could even get him back to 50% of the player that he was last year we would be winning games and putting the fear of God in to opposition defenders and creating space for others.

Fergie bringing back Quieroz

Long gone are the days when we were keeping record numbers of clean sheets. It has long been known that our prevuious rock solid defense had a lot to do with the coaching skills of Carlos Queiroz and if Fergie could lure him back for another couple of years we could get our invincibility back. The beauty of keeping clean sheets is that you only need to score one goal to win a match and that is what we badly need these days.

Giving Evra a break

As bad as Rooney has been the normally reliable Evra has not been far behind. Ever since he got back from the world cup and that flare up with the management the flying Frenchman has just not been the same. Lapses at the back and very few forward runs show that he is not the rock solid player he once was. Needs to get back to the form that had him as one of the best defenders in the world and the best way to do that could be a couple of weeks off because he just doesn’t look sharp physically or mentally.

Stop the reliance on Giggs and Scholes

They have been great servants to the club and had a good start to the season it really is time to stop the dependency on these two. Expecting Scholes to compete in the center of midfield week in week out at 35 is just not on. They both still have genuine class but United cannot rely on these two to carry us through the season, particularly Scholes. United look flat when he isn’t playing at the moment.

Play more attacking away from home

It could be time to let go of the shackles and just really go for it away from home. We don’t look solid enough to get the 0-1 or tight wins so going all out attack could be our best form of defense, certainly in the premiership. Rather than letting out own defense take the pressure lets pile it back on the opposition.

Keeping current defense together

The best back four in my opinion is Vidic, Rio, Rafeal and Evra (providing he is not rested) and we need to start giving them a long run of games to get the familiarity back as a back four. The last 2 games have seen clean sheets which is a great start and more of that is needed. There is no harm in the likes of O’Shea, Neville or Evans stepping in the odd time but getting our back 4 nailed down and playing week in week out is the key.

Play Owen And Berba Together

Fergie clearly doesn’t have any faith in Owen at all. I would however like to see him get a run of 2 or 3 games alongside Berba upfront. This is the one partnership that I really think could work very well with the classic big man and little man around the back combo perfectly set up for these 2. Owen has some form and Berba has been playing out of his skin and with Rooney not quite there at the moment this could be the partnership we really need.

Win Away At Stoke

Easier said than done with Delap lashing in those bullet throw ins but if we are to get back in the title race we simply can’t afford to be dropping any more points away from home. It is time to go on a big run away from home and if we can’t put teams like Stoke to the sword we really do have bigger problems than we thought. Never an easy place to go to but falling any further than 5 points behind Chelsea is basically game over even at this early stage of the season.

Goals from midfield

You can’t win the league without goals from midfield. Nani has chipped in with a few but we really need to see some of the others starting to score more freely. Carrick, Scholes, Fletcher and Anderson will need to start banging them in and supporting the strikers if we are to achieve anything meaningful this season.

Do you have any suggestions on how Manchester united could regain form? Please leave your comments below….

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