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Madform is recommended by experts for improving performance in Football

Application of Madform’s Warm-Up Cream 15 minutes before playing football will induce a feeling of warmth inside your muscle and joints, making them more pliable


Pregame – Warm-Up Cream – Muscle Preparation & Performance

The beautiful game requires such high levels of speed, endurance, and all round physical fitness. Players at the top will run the equivalent of up to 14km in a game, and be able to accelerate, pivot and jump for over 90 minutes with only brief halftime as respite.

Attention to fitness is essential at every level of the game, even being important for beginners looking to improve their effectiveness, and ultimately their enjoyment too. It is via understanding this fact, that Madform has committed their efforts to creating products that benefit players during each stage of the sport.

Application of Madform’s Warm-Up Cream 15 minutes before playing will induce a feeling of warmth inside your muscle and joints, making them more pliable and helping to prevent them from becoming strained by those overhead kicks, and protecting them from getting pulled during sketchy slide tackles.

Training sessions on cold mornings aren’t the only time to use this warm therapy; the vasodilation effect can be utilised during hot summer matches to regulate a cooler running temperature. The same vasodilatory effect increase the rate at which oxygen is absorbed by the muscles and so, whatever the weather, Madform’s creams keep you playing at capacity for the entire game.

Players report feeling as if their legs don’t get as tired and the onset of fatigue was staved off. Stiffness in their legs was reduced noticeably before the match, and even in achy backs and arms. As long as the creams are used in accompaniment to a proper pre-game stretch/warm-up routine then the results are demonstrable immediately.

Postgame - Sport Formula/Double Power - Muscle Recovery Cream

Postgame – Sport Formula/Double Power – Muscle Recovery Cream

After all the collisions and exertions of a typical game, your muscles will be fraught with micro-traumas and require repair and rest before the next training sessions. A shorter downtime allows for performing again sooner, and that is why Madform has developed more than one muscle rub to combat the issue.

Cooling down and stretching properly after any exercise is vital in order to limit the damage sustained by your muscles. During this practise, it is useful to employ methods to block the build-up of lactic acid. Expert physiotherapists agree that applying Madform’s Sport Formula to your legs and other tired areas not only aids in a fast recovery, but continues to facilitate blood flow to and from the muscle for a time after, removing waste products from the capillaries and sending in nutrients at an increased volume (which simultaneously encourages muscle growth).

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

After Injury – Madfreeze Cold Gel

After getting a foul, Madform even has a substitute for traditional ice-packs. Their dynamic mix of innovative sports formula contains ingredients including Menthol and Camphor, inducing an effective and lasting vasoconstriction effect. Using cold as medicine or therapy in sports physiotherapy is commonly referred to as cryotherapy. In first aid practises it is also a powerful treatment for not only contusions, but swellings and inflammation. It is an invaluable cure-all for coaches, football physiotherapists, and therefore football players of every level.

If you train hard every time and need to reduce the movement of fluids in the muscle during the first couple of hours after having been impacted, Madfreeze Cold Gel is the perfect remedy.

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