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Predictions For The January Transfer Window

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Written by Chris Royal.

What will happen during the January transfer window? Here is my predictions on the ins and outs at Anfield.

Ryan Babel

First thing’s first, Ryan Babel will be sold; he was given what was dubbed his last chance in August when Roy decided not to part with him on deadline day. There were a few offers on the table and depending on what you believe, either Ryan didn’t want a move to Birmingham or West Ham, Liverpool couldn’t find a replacement and opted to stick with Ryan Babel rather than leave themselves short or a Carlton Cole Ryan Babel swap couldn’t be agreed.

The question is- where will Ryan Babel move to, suggestions are that West Ham and Birmingham will re-ignite their interest and will start the bidding at around the £9million pound mark, there will no doubt be an interest from abroad with Ajax (Babel’s former club) having already been linked with a move, possibly on loan with a view to a permanent deal in the summer. However, a permanent move would favour Liverpool, simply because Roy Hodgson needs to rebuild the Liverpool squad and money in the bank would be of more benefit to him than a loan.

Prediction– Ryan Babel will agree a move to Birmingham for around £10million.

Lucas Leiva

Second on the agenda is Lucas Leiva, the midfielder, since his arrival at Anfield has in the main failed to live up to the hype surrounding him when he was signed. With the centre of midfield being a position in which Liverpool need to strengthen the same inevitability as Ryan Babel being sold will be followed up with Lucas’s sale. Stoke were on the brink of taking Lucas in August, until Hodgson decided that the Brazilian could have a future, (or he needed bodies) and pulled out of the deal. With Lucas never really being taken to the fans hearts, a move away would not be surprising.

Prediction– Lucas Leiva will agree a move to Stoke for around £4million.

This will raise around about £14million in player sales. There are doubts over a number of other players futures will be called into question and any sort of offers that come in would be considered should a suitable replacement be found.

With the funds raised through selling both Babel and Lucas and the expected funds being available, I believe there will be around about £35million, if you take £20million as what John W Henry will allow Roy to spend, I believe that Roy will look at bringing in a striker, a wide midfielder and a holding centre midfielder.

Carlton Cole

The first name that springs to mind is Carlton Cole, for obvious reasons that Liverpool were keen to sign Cole in August and Babel is a target for West Ham. Looking at the plight of West Ham at the minute, Avram Grant needs to finance some new signings to try to help get them out of their current situation. Cole is currently out of favour at West Ham and a big bid could tempt Grant to sell his striker. The big question is if Cole isn’t playing at West Ham then how can he break into the Liverpool team, surely Liverpool are a much bigger side than West Ham, no disrespect but Liverpool need a top class striker.

Mario Gomez

Another name that will be again linked is Mario Gomez of Bayern Munich. The tall German forward was heavily linked during the summer and the player even admitted to being interested in the move, which was scrapped when Bayern demanding a cash only deal, where Liverpool were looking for a loan deal. Gomez himself recently scored a hatrick for the German side so in effect would be a difficult target to acquire due to his importance at the club.

Peter Crouch

The third striker who makes the list of targets is Peter Crouch, the gangly forward who has a previous spell at Anfield has been linked with a move ever since his high profile appearance in the tabloids. The forward, who has become an integral part of the Tottenham side since Jermaine Defoe’s injury is a target who in my opinion, should have never been allowed to leave in the first place. The best possible hope of any deal would be down to Tottenham looking for a new striker, which would enable Harry Redknapp to allow one of his forward line of Robbie Keane, Jermaine Defoe, Peter Crouch or Roman Pavlyuchenko a move away.

Robbie Keane

This brings me on to the final transfer target of Robbie Keane. The Irish hit man has fallen down the pecking order at Whitehart Lane and spent the back end of last season out on loan at Celtic. It is widely known Keane is a huge Liverpool fan and his spell at Anfield was marred by the fact he was not bought by the previous manager but the previous chairman. If a move for Keane came about, he would have no hesitation in rejoining the club he left only six months after joining.

Prediction– I expect Carlton Cole to be signed for around the £10million pound mark, which will be funded through the sale of Ryan Babel, I also predict a shocking return to Anfield for Robbie Keane for around the £5million pound mark, with the option of more first team action and lack of confidence shown in him at Tottenham.

Ashley Young

The wide midfielder position in my opinion is a simple item and only one name springs to mind, Ashley Young. With his future at Aston Villa in doubt due to his stalling contract negotiations, a bid form Liverpool would leave Villa with a difficult question, cash in now or risk loosing him for a much cheaper fee in the summer should he still not sign a deal. Tottenham will obviously be involved in any bidding war but with the amount of players at Tottenham a move to Anfield could prove to be the more tempting and with the man at the helm at Villa Park if he were to lose his biggest star, the links he still has at Anfield may pull on his heart strings to help out a old pal.

Prediction– Ashley Young will be signed for around the £15million pound bracket in January.

Danny Murphy

One final signing I believe Liverpool will make is Danny Murphy from Fulham, again a former Liverpool player is linked with the club and the Fulham captain would bring what the Liverpool midfield needs, a strong player who knows the game inside out. Murphy is in a good position at Fulham and has an easy life, maybe the chance of one last challenge would be to tempting to turn down.

Prediction– Murphy to be signed for £3million with a possible reserve team make weight being involved in the deal.

Ins– Carlton Cole (£10million), Robbie Keane (£5million), Ashley Young (£15million) and Danny Murphy (£3million)

Outs- Ryan Babel (£10million), Lucas (£4million)

This will then offer the team more options going forward which is what the team needs more than anything at this moment in time. The only other position where Roy could look to strengthen is at the full back position, but other areas of the team will take priority as there is already significant cover at both left and right back when everyone is fit and raring to go.



  1. gym blog

    November 5, 2010 at 9:22 am

    God what awful targets, we would just be pouring money down the drain. There’s no way Lucas should be going anywhere, he has consistently been one of our best performers for the last two seasons.

    Remember the owners want to target young players…

    • darynn

      November 11, 2010 at 7:56 am

      This will never happen…this is the worst analysis i have seen thus far.

      1) Lucas is going no where !!! Even though he is not flamboyant, he is the hardest working player at Liverpool…even more than Kuyt in my opinion. He is young and commited and never injured !!! He will not leave, let alone for 4 mill !!

      2) The new owners have stated that they will not sign players that do not serve a long term purpose. Keane and Murphy will not be signed based on this. I would however love to see Murphy back at the club, but on a free. One of Liverpools best midfielders of the Houlier era. Squad player.

      3) Hell No !!! Carlton Cole is like a poor mans Emile Heskey, who used to frustrate the hell out of me!!! this is the worse option for a striker, and 10 mill is a big price tag !! Would much prefer Darren Bent to Carlton Cole.

      4) Babel has never been given a proper run in the team, for understandable reasons. He is played in left midfield. He cannot defend to save his life…which is the reason that he is left out. He is a striker !!! Hodgson has not kept to his word and Babel now deserves a chance at another club. Babel will move and score 20 goals a season as a striker at another club. We will regret this.

      Outs –

      1) First on this list should be Poulsen !!!! WTF was this signing about !!!! We have Lucas, Mereiles and Spearing that are better than Poulsen. Out Out Out !!!

      2) Jovanovic – No comment required

      3) Johnson – We could make some money off this. Kelly has proven he is competent in this position. Johnson would make a really good right midfielder, but is terrible at right back. On the fence for this one

      4) I may receive some flack for this, but I think we should sell Joe Cole. He was a bench warmer at Chelsea…the plays out left at Liverpool which is not his best. He has no pace. Unfortunately even though he is a good player, Hodgson will never play him as a supporting forward

      Liverpool youngsters should be given a run in the team…even if it means we finsh off 12th this season. We do have some great talent in reserve. Kelly, Amoo, Eccelston,Pacheco,Spearing,Suso,Ngoo………They should all be in the Europa,FA Cup squads

  2. redtrev73

    November 5, 2010 at 9:35 am

    Chris, have a word with yourself before making any more predictions lad. Cole no longer falls into the young and promising bracket which henry has reportedly laid such emphasis on as the only justification for future spending and i’m afraid that danny manc-buster and keane are even more long-in-the-tooth. Young ticks most of the boxes but villa would wany crazy cash to sell to us. Why have u ignored the fact that we have actually watched affelay, toivnonen and n’zogbia?? Not that i’m too excited about any of them, you understand…..

  3. craig

    November 5, 2010 at 9:38 am

    football talk.. … …

    what a load of rubbish this site is, have you been reading about liverpool lately, LFC still have no money to spend, youth is what your going to go for, with a high re-sale value.

    5 million for Keane .. you got him he’s yours

    15 million for Young .. your having a laugh, why would he go there?? and for 7 million LESS than spurs offered.

    3 million for Murphy .. now this is more like LFC’s market

  4. redz

    November 5, 2010 at 9:46 am

    are you for real , u must be on a different planet, first of all c ,cole cant even a get a regular place with west ham how bad is that, simply not good enough for any pool team,secondly crouch is a bench warmer at spurs and he s not good enougn either,keane more or less the same,danny m is too old why wood we take him back?just cos he played for us before?get real man ,roy signed avge players in the summer , he cant keep signing that type of player or we will never win anything.we need top quality,young and gomez a big yes for me

  5. Chuck Simmons

    November 5, 2010 at 9:46 am

    I see a couple of major problems in your analysis. I don’t think there is a manager in the PL that would pay more than 5 Mil for Ryan Babel, As for Ashley Young, he feels he is too far from London as it is. He will stay at Villa, Robbie Keane might be a case of once bitten etc etc. Still good luck.

  6. Stan

    November 5, 2010 at 9:52 am

    Where did you get your delusional targets from? Havnt you been reading we are not after ‘ older ‘ players that cannot be sold down the track…so that effectively eliminates Keane , Crouch and Danny Murphy. I say THANK GOD!!! We dont need or want these mediocre players…. They are not Liverpool material…YNWA!!!

  7. ossie

    November 5, 2010 at 10:00 am

    God I know we have a mediocre second rate manager, I dont think the fans will stand for second rate mediocre players to fit with manager’s profile as well!

  8. langster

    November 5, 2010 at 10:45 am

    My god just read this load of dross and i have to say if this is the calibre of players we will be looking to aquire then i really will be crying in my cornflakes.I have been looking forward to the january transfer window since we got taken over,a chance for us to sign quality players to put us back where we belong not this pile of twaddle……seriously where are you getting your information from?Do you really think this will happen?Get a grip.LFC forever YNWA

  9. mick

    November 5, 2010 at 10:51 am

    well well well. i hope Liverpool sign all of them, aswell as keeping lucas and babel. Then they will officially have the worst squad in anfield history…… and ill love it.
    You can have Robbie Keane. hes already wished his way to liverpool once and you killed his career. Murphy and Carlton Cole are right on Liverpools level right now. Watching the reds these days is like watching ya mum pop the zits on ya dads arse>. Just horrible…..torture even.
    Crouchies staying with us (WE ARE TOTTENHAM FROM THE LANE). hes good for a bit of variety on the bench. ….but if youd be kind enough to send a taxi for Robbie hes waiting out the front……lol

  10. bill

    November 5, 2010 at 11:13 am

    Shall we sign neil ruddock and istvan kozma again as well maybe throw eric meijer up front with ronny rosenthal you are round the bend my friend

  11. Jon

    November 5, 2010 at 4:03 pm

    And i supposed they’ll be signing me as well

  12. Tom

    November 5, 2010 at 5:12 pm

    If potential signings are the height of Liverpool’s ambition then a top 8 place is about all we can expect rather than a top 4. With the exception of Ashley Young and Peter Crouch (who its unlikely spurs will release with them flying high) i can’t see see c cole or d murphy especially doin much to create goals and push the team up the table-we need guys that will inspire the team and players like f torres to stay. Keane could have been good but he is slowin up and his confidence is low. How about Young (15m), forlan or llorente (14m) and l diarrra 6m =35m=pace +proven goalscorers +proven holding midfielder

  13. JFKehoe, Canada

    November 5, 2010 at 9:22 pm

    Robbie has lots of life left and especially with the right supporting cast. See good fits at Villa and as Chris writes @ Liverpool. Hope he stays in the EPL- he is an asset.

  14. Ken

    November 6, 2010 at 4:08 am

    Confirmed: Patrick Hollarbush has agreeded to move to Liverpool in the Janurary transfer window from San Jose in the MLS for 5 dollars.

  15. Favian lyngdoh

    November 6, 2010 at 9:25 am

    wtf…keep ur pridictions wt u my fren,first of all livpool is never signing any of da players u mentioned. n wt the current situation we dnt need these players.we r looking 4 gr8 players nt average. we r looking 4 trophies nt only staying in the league…n its no point 4 me wastng my time on ur pricdiction coz u dnt even kno liverpool the wonder ur pridictions is so awful n nt required at the moment. lol at u Chris Royal. (danny murphy!!! laugh my fat ass out)

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