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Walcott’s First Baby-Steps?

Arsenal's Theo Walcott

Written by izuj.

As soon as he arrived on the scene, Theo Walcott has been a huge topic of conversation within England’s football circles. This, however, has much to do with the manner in which he arrived on the scene to begin with. Bought from Southampton, Arsene Wenger immediately recommended him to Sven-Goran Eriksson who introduced him to the national side. At the time, he had no Premier League experience, let alone national experience. His place on the plane to Germany was secured without him doing a thing. And without him doing a thing, he made his way back, no more experienced.

He demonstrated his famous blistering pace to the nation in the following season, as he seemed to find his feet. But many critics (myself included) said he was just a speedster – he had no actual footballing game (in spite of the Croatia hatrick). We were right. His game was given plenty of chances to shine, with quality players around him and first team opportunities.

Yet, it was not until this season of 2010-2011 that he has manifested some of the potential his supporters regularly voiced. His pace alone all but destroyed Newcastle last week, but the timing of his run, the incisiveness infront of goal, and the confidence-coated composure are what we should be speaking of when we mention his ‘potential’. He indeed has loads. He again showed this against Shatskar mid-week. This year we may witness it – of course, not in full-bloom, he is still only 21. But that is something that we should pay heed to – the boy is only 21.

His Arsenal form this season is lethal. Quality and intelligence is infiltrating his game. And as for Wayne Rooney . . .  well, he may not be the national choirboy for long.

Will this be Theo’s season? Leave you’re comments below…

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