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It’s probably time for Bendtner to move on

Written by the Arsenal Kid.

Don’t know how true were the reports of the Nicklas Bendtner sustaining an injury prior to the Everton match and missing the match or was it down to his outburst about not getting time in the side. Arsene has come out to defend Bendtner and maintained that Denmark’s David Beckham still has a part to play in his plans.

I tend to believe everything the Professor says and give him the benefit of the doubt this time but I do feel that the young Dane’s time at the Emirates possibly coming to an end. Clearly he does not have the patience to bide his time for the ultimate breakthrough and his misplace confidence in his own abilities may see him being push out of contention.

No doubt he has performed well in patches but he has had the opportunity to seal the main strikers role down but his performances last year were anything but convincing. Even though this year, his finishing has improved but his overall play is still lacking. As the point man in attack, he has to pressure from the front and hold up the ball when it is pump up to him. In his starting appearances I didn’t see any of that compared to those performances of Chamakh.

Now that Robin van Persie is back, the Dane will likely see even less opportunity to strut his stuff. Young players such as Bendtner need to show their patience and take the opportunity when the time comes. In the past, potential strikers from the academy such as Jeremie Aliadiere, Arturo Lupoli, JeromeThomas and others have failed to take their chances when it came their way, and have since left Arsenal for less successful spells in other teams. It might be time for Bendtner to walk the talk when the opportunity knocks or move on to let others like JET, Afobe, and Freeman have their chance.

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