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How Citroen scared Aaron Ramsey

Here’s a tale of how Arsenal’s car sponsor, Citroen, scared several players including star midfielder Aaron Ramsey and playmaker Santi Cazorla.

Aaron Ramsey

Arsenal and Citroen have a fairly close partnership in recent years, with Arsenal players forming part of Citroens net based advertising campaigns.  Various scenarios have seen the likes of Per Mertesacker washing cars, Szczesny testing the loading capacity of a C4 Grand Picasso, and in the latest campaign, Cazorla, Ramsey and Welbeck being terrified by a stunt driver.

In the latest advert for the C4 Cactus, the Arsenal players are challenged to test out the Cactus’ superior parking capabilities before being duped into taking a drive with a stunt driver after their own personal ‘parking challenges’.

With the ever-personable Danny Welbeck riding in the passenger seat, the Arsenal stars are projected around a track faster than their sports insurance would ever endorse – by a driver they believed was a part of the Arsenal ladies football team. However, unaware were the players that they were actually the stars of a prank, with trained stunt driver Annalese Ferrari in full control.

The advert is primarily designed to showcase Citroen’s new park assist feature which is part of a beautiful dashboard display.  Park assist is becoming commonplace in modern cars and the distinctive Cactus appears to have one of the better versions available.

Citroen is a natural bedfellow for Arsenal given the strong French connections the club have always had; Wenger is a superstar over here and across the channel.   The Citroen adverts are actually very watchable, providing an insight into players who we rarely see on a personal level.

This may seem frivolous but there’s something about seeing stars in their natural environments which is intriguing.  The likes of Welbeck, Cazorla and Ramsey come across highly as likeable in the adverts and far removed from their focused sportsmanlike demeanours.

Other Citroen adverts include the ‘Premier Car Wash’ which showcases the Citroen DS3, and some surprisingly silky skills from Mertesacker.  Then there’s the advert featuring magician Drummond Money-Coutts who mysteriously summons Ian Wright from under a canvas topped DS3 at the request of the spellbound Olivier Giroud.

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