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Infographic: Comparing The Premier League To Super League

The Premier League is regarded as the most exciting and entertaining football league in world football, but how does it compare to Super League in rugby?

The Premier League is widely regarded as one of the most exciting and entertaining football league’s in world football, but how does it compare to other popular sports such as Rugby Super League?

The mega-money investments from TV broadcasters like Sky Sports and BT Sport in recent years means the Premier League is streaks ahead of other sports in the financial stakes.

The latest Premier League deal is worth around £5.5 billion over 3 years whereas Super League comes in at just £182m, while the average weekly wage of a Premier League footballer is £43,7171 compared to ‘just’ £1,300 in Super League.

Unfortunately, sky high wages means the fans get hit hardest in the Premier League with the average season ticket twice the price of the Super League equivalent and a day out at Arsenal could set you back a whopping £106.30.

The stadiums don’t really compare either as Manchester United’s Old Trafford home is almost three times the capacity of the largest rugby stadium in England while the likes of the Emirates and Etihad also dwarf their Super League rivals.

Put simply. The Premier League is bigger and more lucrative, but does that really mean it’s better? I’ll leave that one for you to decide….

Super League VS Premier League

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