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The Weekly Roundup

Temperatures have been below freezing this week but that hasn’t been anything compared to the world of football, where the acts have been nothing but chilling. Barcelona began by displaying how ice cold their attack is which proved too much for Jose’s men who froze on the big stage. He probably wished he stayed indoors and watched Panoroma instead, who at the same time had England’s 2018 bid in meltdown. And that was only Monday, here’s the rest of the week. The Weekly Roundup

29.11.10 El Classico? Madrid couldn’t have looked anymore normal – Watching the game on Monday you may have had to count how many men Madrid were playing with, because with that performance you could have easily thought Mourinho got two of his players sent off again! Prior the game he was engaged in a war of words with Arsene Wenger (Arsene condemning his actions in the Champions League and Jose asking about the five year trophy drought) but what he should have been doing was asking for advice of what not to do against the Catalan giants. As Arsenal learnt (or should have) last season, playing without tactics against Barca has devastating effects. It’s a shame though that the onetime Jose actually tries to play football he’s on the end of such a harsh lesson.

30.11.10 Avram orders a hammering – There’s a fine line between being one of the Premier League’s worst manager’s of all time and the best cup competition manager ever lived, (until the final’s of course) as Avram Grant once again defied all odds, and took the Hammers into the Semi finals of the Carling cup. How he does it I will never know, luck, bribery, witchcraft? Dare not consider the notion that he may actually be talented.

1.12.10 The Midlands derby made great TV (Birmingham vs. Aston Villa) – Apparently we’re all meant to hate the scenes of pitch invasions and hooliganism, but do we really? What’s more exciting than sitting at home (a long distance from the violence) and watching yobs rip out chairs, throwing flares and taunting one another, as long as no one gets hurt and it’s not your team on the receiving end a bit of hooliganism never killed anybody.

2.12.10 England provide the comedy in Zurich – The conspiracists actually believe Fifa’s a genuine organisation, I say that’s one crazy theory too far. How naive where we to believe we had a chance, Blatter and Co must still be laughing their Prada socks off.

3.12.10 Roy Keane hasn’t something to say, what a surprise   – As the old adage goes, Roy Keane’s like marmite you either love him or you hate him. But what happens when those that should love him start to hate him that can never be good right? Never one to bite his tong you knew he would have something to say about England and without failure he did, using his Ipswich pre match press conference to do so. You may say he just answers whatever is put to him, but journalist purposely do so because they know he’ll give the material they want. Whilst his views may provide entertainment for the rest of us I’m sure Ipswich fans fail to see the funny side of things especially whilst they’re on the back of five straight league defeats. And when it appears your manager has got an interest in everything when he’s only interest should be in your club, it’s got to be a problem. It’s alright when you’re winning but when you’re losing I just feel that your sole focus should be on the job at hand. You’re a manager Roy, if you’ve had enough of it call it a day and apply for a Job at Talksport.

3.12.10 Bad Boy Balotelli? – All we heard prior Balotelli’s arrival is how much of handful he is and how much work Mancini would have in controlling him. But apart from a pussycat flick which got him sent off at West Brom there’s been nothing, absolutely nothing. I don’t know about you guys but I’ve been bitterly disappointed that he hasn’t lived up to his rep. I mean come on you’ve worked so hard to build it so why not maintain it. You wouldn’t want Joey Barton to become a big softie would you, it just wouldn’t seem right. The images that came out on Friday however offered a little optimism, as he got into a scrap with teammate Jerome Boateng, unfortunately they kissed and made up minutes later. (Images

4.12.10 The weekend’s Football  Blackpool having a laugh – Many United fans often cite their ‘Blackburn and Bayern’ week as the decisive one of last season. So I’m wondering if they’ll do so with the week just gone. The implications of Blackpool cancelling Saturday’s fixture obviously won’t be known until the two play but it could be a major one. They’ve fallen off the top of the table due to fault of their own, and now find themselves playing catch-up. It’s only a point and I have no doubt that they can beat Blackpool quite comfortably. But in the midst of Champions League, FA cup and Premier League fixtures another game is the last thing they’ll need. Which leads to the question, why isn’t compulsory for a Premier League club to have undersoil heating? It snows every year now. I guess we should excuse Blackpool though, the poor club who joined the elites, are living the dream and can’t afford certain luxuries, RUBBISH! They managed to build a stand in double quick time, found the money for Charlie Adams case and above all their in the Premier League, If it’s too big for you don’t bother joining.

‘Please Please Please’ is the plea from Arsenal fans –Arsenal finished the weekend top of the league and whilst there’s still a long way to go it never hurt to be league leaders right? In normal circumstances the question would appear a rhetorical one, but with Arsene Wenger as manager there’s still that element of doubt. The only reason being the closer to January they get in pole position the more unlikely it is Wenger will spend. Nothing’s changed, they still need a keeper and a set of defenders. Vermaelen’s return isn’t problem solved, a good defender but even with him fit they needed another centre half, (Squillaci & Koscielny are nowhere near good enough) get them and win the title, don’t and make it harder for yourselves.

Tevez’s Tantrum Vs. Bolton – How hard must it be to manage Carlos Tevez. If he’s not talking up his retirement plans, he’s flying out to Argentina or talking about a move away from Eastlands and now he’s added tantrums to his list. Undoubtedly City’s best player but having him does come with a bit off work. Help your gaffer out, you’re club captain stop undermining him.

5.12.10 No win in five for Newcastle – Where are those of you who were shouting for Chris Houghton’s new contract, you’ve gone a bit quiet in the last few weeks. As I’ve said before why would Newcastle do so when the ball is firmly in their court. They’re not at a major risk of leaving him contract-less until the end of year, and anyway he has to prove he deserves it. You don’t make decisions on the back of a single good (Sunderland win) or bad (West Brom lost) result.

*Highlight of the week*

We’ve witnessed games filled with brilliance this week and this week’s highlights were three of the best. But as usual there can only be one highlight of the week so who deserves it, you decide (Please leave your comments below)

Barcelona’s 5-0 demolition of Rivals Madrid

West Ham’s 4-0 Victory against United

Arsenal (or Samir Nasri) Vs. Fulham

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  2. Lee

    December 6, 2010 at 9:50 am

    Agree entirely with the riot comments…had a chuckle at that.

    Towards the business end of the season, Fergie normally likes runs of games to keep the sharpness and fitness levels up.

    It’s only when the idiots put us inside of three days between fixtures does god’s nose really redden.

    Barca were on another level entirely. It was like being back at school where the bigger boys play and you never see the ball.

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