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Finding It Hard To Care


After another predictable away loss at the weekend, myself and a handful of fellow reds went to the pub for what is normally a night spent dissecting every last bit of what we have just witnessed, good or bad.  For many match-goers it is a ritual to do so; the post-match pint in which you convince yourself to be suitably optimistic/pessimistic with regards to the rest of the season. After Saturday’s result though, I found myself overwhelmed with apathy. As hard as it is to take defeat at Old Trafford or Goodison, or anywhere for that matter, I usually find myself attacking our players, their players, our formation, the referee etc, in futile displays of frustration at a title slipping away again, or at the very least, a somewhat ruined weekend.

This week however, was different. The match was hardly discussed; the vein attempts to criticise Torres’ missed chance, or Skrtel’s positioning where met with grunts of unenthusiastic agreement and a swift change of topic.  Even conversation about the X Factor seemed vaguely more appealing. For that reason more than anything else, I hope I am never forced to go through this again.

After spending the last couple of days contemplating my fate as a Liverpool fan, I have come to the conclusion that it is not another bad result, or another bad peformance or seeing our manager’s worryingly convincing impersonation of a lunatic, but a demoralising fear that our misfortunes won’t be turned around under the current regime. Perhaps as Liverpool fans we expect too much from our players, and have to set ourselves realistic targets; a quick remider of Djimi Traore’s Champions League Winners medal puts that thought to bed. ‘The Irregulars’ flag has been present on glorious victories in The San Siro, The Bernabeu, and The Nou Camp for a reason; Liverpool shouldn’t just try and meet what is thought to be acceptable. As a team, a club, and a city it isn’t the way things are done. But at the moment I can’t escape the sinking feeling of acceptance that for the first time in my life as a Liverpool fan, that the remarkable is simply not achievable. During my time supporting Liverpool, the pride I was always told I would feel in saying the words ‘we are Liverpool’ has always rang true. Now though, it seems more appropriate to say ‘at least we’re not Everton’.

To some extent I think we are experiencing the calm after the storm. The war against the Americans was won, which has resulted in us being subject solely to the dross on display on the field, and an acceptance it will continue until at least the end of the season if you are to believe the papers. Having something to fight for now seems like an enviable thought. By that I am not for a second saying I would have the Americans back, but the siege mentality created through Rafa’s reign against the media and our owners united us in a belief that Rafa could, and would, prove the papers wrong, or that we would win the title once the owners were successfully ousted.  How times have changed. The biggest fight I have on my hands now is refraining from crying into my pint after the next woeful display Hodgson masterminds.

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  1. t z

    December 15, 2010 at 9:53 am

    What a well written article. Liverpool fans are experiencing apathy for the first time ever. With Rafa at the helm we had everything to believe in, now we have nothing, no belief. The words Keep the Faith ring hollow.

  2. Lar Larkin

    December 15, 2010 at 10:22 am

    A good article and one that sums up our present predicament under Mr Roy Mediocre Hodgson; we are just another Bolton, Fulham, Newcastle or even Everton and sinking fast. Changes are needed fast before the malaise becomes irreversable…. in the meantime let’s keep the faith..YNWA

  3. ossie

    December 15, 2010 at 10:35 am

    I agree, dfeat used to make me depressed. Now i could not give a toss one way or another. If the manager and owners think that dross and mediocraty of a losers attitude is acceptable why should i get my self upset about it?
    I dont think its worth even thinking about liverpool fc let alone care. The club has simply cared less about fans why should fan wmotionally expend all that energy for a club that simply has taken and not given back!

  4. dj

    December 15, 2010 at 10:37 am

    How I long for the days that I used to criticise Rafa for some of the thing he did. He never lost my support though. I always seemed to understand the method to his madness. What a fantastic manager he is, and a cataclysmic error on the part of LFC in removing him. Shame on those responsible.

    I just can’t be positive about the insipid sterile garbage that we are playing at the moment. It doesn’t seem to matter what players Hodgson pick. His style of football is so antiquated I can understand the frustrations of Torres, Reina and Johnson. Who would want to stay around for that? Hodgson was always the wrong choice for me, and if he stays in charge I fear the worse.

    I’m also finding it hard to care! The biggest disappointment is I’ve never felt this way in 38 year of supporting LFC.

  5. Chan

    December 16, 2010 at 2:02 pm

    I had been a fan since 1986, been through the spice boys era and yet never had a sense of despair and hopelessness like now. Roy “mediocre” Hodgson is really something, he had turned a club that played with pride whatever the circumstances into something exactly the opposite and you know wnat, our new owners are too gutless to stop him.
    You know what , we can either continue to despair or start saving our beloved club. Kick out Roy just as how we kicked out the cowboys.
    For a start stop going to LFC matches, stop buying jerseys, stop renewing season tickets, jam the emails of the owners. Do all this until Roy is gone. Take action before its too late. Its drastic but LFC need this bitter pill.

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  8. Dumb football supporters

    December 18, 2010 at 6:10 am

    I bet you lot were the same people calling for Rafa’s head.
    Just like football supporters who demand success and then start crying when the club is bankrupt.
    Football is going to the wall because of moronic football supporters, not the owners.

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