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Come on Spurs….Let’s Munch on Some Toffee

Ah, Everton. A team I should have some fondness for because they’ve got noisy neighbours like us and while I was growing up for some reason most of my friends wore their blue and pretended they were Neville Southall or Tony Cottee, but I don’t. It annoys me how they go from one season to the next flitting between challenging for Europe or escaping relegation. It annoys me how they spend most of their games playing without a striker and have done for a couple of seasons. It annoys me that they claim to be well supported but rarely fill their stadium. It annoys me that Tim Cahill is now playing on the other side of the world and not picking up points for my fantasy team. Most of all though, they annoy me because they always seem to play better against us, even though our record is very good against them, recently they’ve been a tougher nut to crack.

Today’s ITK is: “keane, bentley and giovani are leaving, and kranjcar will stay. Beckham is still on, and that a new striker is on the table…

A little interval for all you rumour whores out there. Of course, all of that isn’t really ITK, even though it’s come from the internet’s biggest egomaniac transfer leaker. The beauty of ITK is it’s ability to change at any point and when things don’t happen there are always reasonable sounding excuses. For example, lets say Keane doesn’t leave. The reason for it will probably be because he won’t take a pay cut and would prefer to sit on the bench. Beckham doesn’t come to Spurs? Well, that’s down to not being able to agree the image rights part of the contract.

Sorry, I digress. As fun as the whole transfer window is the ITK stuff really bugs me. I’ll do a separate piece at some point in the near future about possible signings, rumours and Mr Golden Balls himself. Back to what’s really important at the moment, Everton.

Hopefully, players don’t get as distracted by all the rumours and Sky Sports News constantly at The Lodge as we fans do because we’ll have to be on top of our game to get 3 points tonight and put more pressure on those above us. I mentioned Tim Cahill being away on international duty and given how important he is to them, that’s a massive plus for us.

I don’t see this game being much different to the previous game at White Hart Lane. Everton will pack the midfield and try to play on the break. A strange thing to do for a home side but that’s David “Mr Adventurous” Moyes. I heard somewhere that a large proportion of Everton fans are actually in favour of him leaving the club. I’m not sure about that myself, given the small income the club generates and a lack of funds that make Arsenal look like Man City, his ability to keep them in the top flight has been nothing short of miraculous. However, I do understand why some would feel that way. I can’t think of too many situations where a spurs crowd would accept a lone striker and hoping for a 0-0 game after game after game.

Wow, I really am babbling today, sorry about that. So, with Everton playing a five man midfield it’s there the game will be won and lost. It’ll be interesting to see if Moyes decides to go for five men across the middle or four with one sitting just in front of the back four to keep an eye on vdV. Both could be effective but personally I’m not sure man marking vdV with the other players we’ve got would be beneficial. Whoever Moyes could put on him wouldn’t be as intelligent as our Rafa.

Bale was marked out of the game at White Hart Lane by a combination of Coleman and Neville. I can’t see Moyes changing that template having had such success but if he had any sense and if Coleman passes a late fitness test he would. Coleman tore us a new one in the same fixture last year. Remember the one? 2-0 up and not even out of first gear? Second half Coleman pushed forward from his right back role, ripped Bale to shreds and suddenly it’s 2-2. Could’ve been an off day for Bale but Benny handled him fairly easily at WHL although then Everton barely got out of their half after they grabbed an early goal. Surely tonight they’ll have to go on the attack? That’s when we’ll be at our most dangerous.

If a side was ever made for counter attacking football it’s this Spurs one. Don’t tell my mum this because it’s a little bit rude but I’m still waking up half way through the night in a state of arousal having dreamt about our second goal on boxing day. Yummy with a capital Yum. It’s why we’re such a difficult team to face. What would you do? Defend and let us come on to you, hoping to sneak a goal on the counter or from a set piece? How about attack our previously* leaky defence and just try to outscore us? Then you’ve got the problem of leaving space for quite possibly the best midfield in the country to play in. The only solution I’ve been able to come up with so far is pretend you’re Manchester United, because we’re scared of them, or resign and manage Spurs. ;)

So, it’s going to be a tense affair as it seems it so often is. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like Jagielka is playing so we’ll have to score our own goals tonight but with Crouch being a little bit crap and Pav being, well, a little bit crap too who will lead the line with Rafa? Personally I think it’ll be Crouch. Or maybe Pav. I don’t know. In all fairness to both of them it doesn’t really matter. They’re not the guys that make our team tick and they’re rarely the reason we get any points.

We need Modric to control the game and not Arteta. We need Palacios to win the duels and not that big hairy bloke who looks like a cross between sideshow bob from the Simpsons and an ice cream. We need Bale to make Neville look like his older brother. We need Lennon to make Baines defend more than he attacks and if Pienaar really wants to come to Spurs, we need him to do everything possible to make sure Everton lose.

Stat Attack

I like my stats but I always look at them with a sense of, “it’s about time they beat us then”. Make up your own mind with these:

  • Everton haven’t beaten us at Goodison since 2004
  • David Moyes has only lost 3 league game to Harry Redknapp
  • Everton have lost 99 league games at Goodison
  • Spurs haven’t won in Merseyside in their last 6 visits
  • Redknapp has only won once in 27 visits to Merseyside
  • Spurs have managed back-to-back away victories only twice under Redknapp

If I could be greedy and have one last Christmas present I’d appreciate a 3-0 at half time lead so I can relax while we add another couple in the second half. Oh and it’d be nice if the game on the red side of north London ended in the draw. Go on, I’ve been a really good boy.


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  1. Topupman

    January 5, 2011 at 6:26 pm

    We need to match Everton s energy fans don’t believe me when i say the new equalizer is not heavy cloggy wet pitches like in the older days. The problem is some Teams use top up energy to win games and in the north its rising with fear and rising depts. the only way to stop this is to highlight it and keep reminding managers and back room staff the rumours of energy abuse are true and Paddy Kenny was not a loan offender.. If we win we will have earned it when Neville kept Bale quite i was not surprised one bit you need plenty of stamina at 35 to keep up with Him and he did .

  2. Daz

    January 5, 2011 at 6:39 pm

    I think you have been quite unfair to Everton withinthis article.

    THIS SEASON we have done as you say packed out the midfield and hoped for a goal, simply because our tactics have been wrong and our players have not been at the races, with the exception of Baines, Cahill, Jags and a lot of the time Pienaar. However, this has not been our footballing style of the previous seasons which saw us finish 5th twice and beat you twice at WHL. Some of the football we have played in the past couple of seasons has been equal to some of the best in the league, which is why a lot of people backed us to challenege for 4th this season.

    Oh, you point about ‘claim to have a good following’ Yes, we do. Unfortunately, like EVERY other club in the league attendances have dropped due to hard financial times. Even Man Utd have tickets available on the day of games, so that point was a bit ill-founded really.

    Player for player, Everton and Spurs are 50/50. Picking 11 from either squad would be 5 from one 6 from the other…on their day anyway, not based on this season.

    On another point about you being glad that Cahill is away…it may even be a blessing in disguise. Now don’t get me wrong, Cahill is a legend and we would be in the bottom 3 if it wasnt for him this season…..but where Moyes has been stubbourn this season, it may now force him to play 442 and Im sure we are dying to put a few goals past someone soon. We do have a better defence, so if we can get those goals, Spurs will find it very hard to come back from it.

    All eyes will be on on Spurs much over-mediated players such as Bale and VDV, which works well for Everton, out of the limelight and time to flourish!

    P.S. I wonder if you boys will stick Bale on the right again so Nev doesn’t mark him out of the game??? 😉

  3. Steve Harris

    January 5, 2011 at 7:36 pm

    Spurs annoy me cus they`ve had one good season and now think their a big club, they annoy me cus they were relegated so many times in the 70s and 80s, they annoy me cus they haven`t won the league for 50 years, they annoy me cus they`ve spent a bloody fortune on players, they annoy me cus………etc

  4. Daz

    January 5, 2011 at 10:11 pm

    Tonight’s game completely prove your ‘summary’ wrong! We attacked you from first to last whistle and you didnt know how to handle it! This was without Cahill and Jagielka and with the ref wearing a white shirt under his top!

  5. Disco

    January 5, 2011 at 10:56 pm

    Who was saying Everton were ‘defensive’?!?!?! A thoroughly deserved 3 points tonight & hopefully we can kick on now & get back into those European places where we belong!

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