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The Weekly Roundup: The return of the wolly, Tottenham’s new stadium & Golden ball’s breakdown service

07.02.11 Steve McClaren’s parade rained on – Ex England manger & brolley owner Steve McClaren was sacked by Wolfsburg this week, which means he’ll soon be bringing back all that International knowledge his gained and waiting in wings for a potential job. Expect the bookies and his agent to add him to that list of managers in the frame for every job going (alongside the other boring names of Sam Allardyce, Alan Curbishley, Gordon Strachan blah blah blah.)

08.02.11 Lord Triesman & not going down alone – The government enquiry into the FA is aimed at reforming the system, the simple solution is to ‘get rid of the lot of them, they are all overpaid useless timewasters’, that’s my genuine very unproductive, old man calling into the radio answer. And as for the FA well there as bad as the politician so they can go to.

09.02.11 England win…maybe just maybe -A comfortable win for England against Demark and only three years left until the next world cup……. ♪ It’s coming home…

09.02.11 Wesley Sneijder goal just another reason why the Dutchman didn’t win the Ballon d’or

10.02.11 Tottenham’s new stadium? – Danny levy or Danny boy, as Harry must call him (I know, I know the cockney references and Redknapp must be tedious now) put all his eggs in one basket and had them crushed by the OLPC. So it back to redeveloping White Hart Lane, but if he’s still that eager to move Tottenham out of Tottenham then Harry’s old club, Upton Park should be up for sale, and knowing the wheeler dealer he must know someone ‘who’d sell it him for a pony’ (so sorry, couldn’t help it)

10.02.11 Golden ball’s breakdown service? – I’m still undecided whether or not Beckham’s heroics were genuine. Of course it’s possible that he spotted a fellow motorist in need and got out and helped him pushed his car when nobody else did, as Becks seems to be a smashing bloke (& I say that without a hint of sarcasm) but it’s equally possible that his PR team cooked up the story and put it in the public domain (as its the scepticism that comes with anything to do with celebrities now)

11.02.11 From Europa league final to the Hawthorns in 9months – Roy Hodgson has been taking off that bookies list and won(?) the race to become West Brom’s new manager, after giving his face a well deserved(?) rest  the result on Saturday would have been a terrible temptation….

The weekly strip

Seeing as its Valentine’s Day and love is in the air (unless you believe in science, are single or about to spend a fortune on the year’s most expensive 24 hours) the weekly strip thought it would play its part in spreading the affection  and hand out gifts for the week highlights.

Two bouquets of flowers – A bouquet for Sian Massey after making her Premier League return and reminding us that sexism has NO place in football (even though the Blackpool fans taunted her with chants of ‘there’s only one Andy Gray’) And the other flowers for Richard Keys and Andy Gray after landing their new gig at talkSPORT.


Champagne – A Bottle of bubbly sent to Upton Park in celebration of West Ham winning the Olympic stadium. A toast to them getting one over on spurs, being the only Premier League team to have a football pitch and a running track (na na na na na?) and having  Gold, Sullivan and Brady in charge with their endless bright ideas in store, Cheers! – Getting ‘laid’ – Wayne Rooney’s winner followed by his crucify me now because I’ll never score a better one celebration sent orgasms down the spine of football fans everywhere. It was also the moment that the front man got back into bed with the remaining United fans still angered by his antics earlier on in the season, now a few of those for a England + cuddle and you won’t be sleeping on the couch anymore wazza.


A box of chocolates – For a man who looks like he enjoys one or fourteen to many, Newcastle’s new signing and Mike Ashley’s early April fools joke, Shefki kuqi.

Dinner for two – After Saturday’s game at West Brom and the reuniting of long lost brothers, Demba Ba and Marc Antoine Fortune, they have alot of catching up and blaming to do. If dad had been around all those years and taken them to the park for a few more kick abouts they’d at least be playing for Stoke

Look out for The Weekly Roundup Every Monday & feel free to follow me on twitter @marvinwilliams

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