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Arsenal on brink of announcing new manager on £5m-a-year deal following fresh talks

Mikel Arteta is close to agreeing a £5m-a-year deal to become Arsenal manager and things could be wrapped up following talks with Josh Kroenke today

Mikel Arteta Arsenal

Mikel Arteta is close to agreeing a £5m-a-year contract to become Arsenal’s next manager and the deal could be wrapped up swiftly following talks with director Josh Kroenke today, according to The Sun.

Arsena have been hunting for a new permanent manager after sacking Unai Emery at the end of November following a 2-1 defeat to Eintracht Frankfurt in the Europa League which brought an end to his 18-month spell at the Emirates.

Freddie Ljungberg stepped-up to be interim coach while the club searched for a replacement for Emery but the Swede has been unable to turn things around having won just one of his five games in charge.

Arsenal have been linked with a whole host of names over the past 18 days but Arteta has emerged as the front-runner and it looks as though it’s now a matter of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’ he gets the job.

Managing director Vinai Venkatesham and chief contract negotiator Huss Fahmy were pictured leaving Arteta’s house at around 1am on Monday morning just hours after Man City had thrashed Arsenal 3-0 at the Emirates.

The Sun claims Arsenal’s money-men Venkatesham and Fahmy spent more than two hours with Arteta at his house discussing salary offers and transfer budgets after identifying him as their number one managerial target.

The newspaper says Arteta is on the brink of agreeing a £5m-a-year contract with Arsenal and the deal could be finalised after he holds final talks with director Josh Kroenke today after technical director Edu and head of football Raul Sanllehi gave the go-ahead to appoint the former midfielder.

However, The Sun says Manchester City aren’t happy that Arsenal haven’t spoken directly to them about their interest in Arteta and will demand a large compensation fee to let the 37-year-old leave.

Arteta has been working with the Premier League champions as Pep Guardiola’s number two for over three years and has impressed the City boss with his knowledge and coaching abilities so they are reluctant to see him go.

The former Arsenal star should bring fresh ideas with him if he is unveiled as the clubs new permanent manager, however, some fans are understandably concerned about his lack of experience.



  1. CorporateMan

    December 17, 2019 at 12:02 pm

    Not sure I’m excited about this news, to be honest

    • carl shadbolt

      December 17, 2019 at 1:38 pm

      No one was excited when Wenger came from the japanese league and most said who was he !! and look what he achieved !! Arteta is different he knows the league the teams the players in the teams and has been learning his career from one f not the best in football in PEP !! He has never left the premier league 8 yrs playing in it with Everton and Arsenal and 3 yrs with Pep…. for me its a no brainer !! all Managers are a gamble experienced or not !! Arteta for me is young hungry and the best their is of what we are going for !! and in time he will prove he is the best thing ever for Arsenal football club. City dont want to lose him that is why they want 12 million for him !! and Pepe said he was capable of being Cities next manager after him !! Pep doesnt say that for fun !!its because he believes it !! and if we get him now then next season will be fine and dandy for the club !! and we will be so lucky to have him !! Have faith !!

  2. haruna suleiman

    December 17, 2019 at 12:58 pm

    This is to say in abscent of number zero become, hiring inexperience coach would not solve the issue sorrounding arsenal right now, even the board needed overhauling as well as playing staff, all these failure was due to inexperience coach that is unai Emery,he actually damaged arsenal,you will agree with me that our problem have been cb and dm but nobody care about that,how on Earth can a team win match without good cb and dm?

    • carl shadbolt

      December 17, 2019 at 1:29 pm

      Emery is and was not inexperienced 3 years with Saville two Europa cups in that time and a 3rd finish in the Spanish league and 2 seasons with PSG winning the french treble in his second year and the french equivalent to the FA cup and league in his first year !! that isnt inexperienced !! if anything that is experienced and a successful manager !! I agree with you that the board needs a mix up and David O’leary and Keown would be good additions to the board !! As for needing a DM and CB i agree with you there we do need these positions filled. We need not only look at DM and CB we need to look at Full backs and maybe 2 CB’s and a DM and a playmaking but strong midfielder as well !! the board needs to back Arteta with 250 million for 6 players !! and we can recoup some of that with the sales of Ozil Xhaka Mustafi Sokratis and in time koslianac. I think Arteta as i said in my thread would be the best replacement of Emery !! you talk about experience and the lack of it will kill the team and no improvement will come from Arteta !! I totally disagree As i said in my reply to this thread. Experience means nothing look at Emery regardless to what you say he is successful and experienced and look at Wenger when he came not so experienced and look at the difference !! Wenger knew nothing about the league the teams the players ! but he was massively successful !! Arteta hasnt left the premier league knows it like the back of his hand and has been learning his trade with one if not the best coach in pep !! He knows the teams the players within those teams !! he knows the Arsenal DNa and knows the fans and what is expected of him !! He has said when he manages he wants to team he manages to play attractive football pleasing on the eye and he wants to build a team and know his team inside and out !! he wants to play to teams weaknesses and play to them more and more !Every manager is a gamble fact !! experienced or not !! but i know what id rather !! id rather have arteta young hungry and with arsenal DNA and experience from coaching and help pep for 3 yrs and playing in the premier league for 8 yrs with everton and arsenal !! than an aging manager that has been sacked from every club he has been at ! Ancelloti !! or Viera that hasnt been in the premier league for ages and is struggling at NICE !! Or wait til allegri may come or may not in the summer !! Arteta all the way !!

  3. carl shadbolt

    December 17, 2019 at 1:07 pm

    To be honest every single manager appointment is a gamble !! Experienced or otherwise. Wenger when he came to Arsenal had know knowledge of the league the players the teams he was to play against but look what he did !! Emery on the other hand had loads of experience as a manager with saville and Psg and won the Europa and look what happened their !! At least with Arteta he has played in the premier league knows the managers and some of the players and has been with a top top manager learning his trade and been their number 2 !! He knows the teams in the league as he has been helping Pep play against them !! So personally i think he his Arsenal DNA meaning he has played for the club knows what is expected from the fans and board. I think Arteta is as good a replacement to Emery than any other !! Viera has been mentioned but i think he isnt the right guy regardless to him playing for us !! He has had 2 positions one in america and one in Nice the later hasnt brought any real success and the premier league is far far harder and he has been away from it for so long !! arteta on the other hand has never left it !! COYG’s sign Arteta and lets start a new era for the club !! but the board has to back him financially. As we need players badly defence needs a total overhaul and midfield needs to be really looked at !! the club needs to give him what he wants and needs to bring in the best players !! that means 6 players for about 250 million !! and we can recoup some of that by getting rid of Ozil Xhaka Mustafi Sokratis and in time koslinac !! so bring it on !!

  4. george harbisher

    December 17, 2019 at 1:15 pm

    Fully agree,in light of the current reports of MA getting the job,beggars belief, an inexperienced coach taking a job that is drought with difficulties,players to sort out, budget,back up staff and little say in transfer matters.surprized at the Americans thought they were more switched on.

  5. carl shadbolt

    December 17, 2019 at 2:00 pm

    I have managed before and i remember everyone saying you havent got a chance !! as i had never managed before !! But i had played for about 20 yrs !! I started in sunday league football with a very young team and went straight into the premier league and the first season was hard as many players were only 16 yrs old and not really played before but the next year we went unbeaten and smashed the league with the same players !! I left sundays to go to saturdays south east counties league where again i was told you havent got a chance. In my first year we went unbeaten and won 28 of the 36 games played !! we had a goal difference of plus 40 !! we played against teams that had together for years and some really established clubs !! What i am trying to say here is experience doesnt matter, what matters is if you can get your players believing in your vision methods and game plan and in one another !!then you can achieve anything !! Emery couldnt do this the players didnt believe in him and some started turning on others in the team !!

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