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Same Old United Scapegoats Being Blamed

It is becoming the same old story when Manchester United either plays poorly or does not win, because the same core group of players who get mentioned for not contributing. These culprits are normally Dimitar Berbatov and Michael Carrick, but there are some other players that are also constantly criticism from so-called United supporters for all of the failings of United, and, to be honest, it is getting old quick.

Both of these players mentioned have never gave the United supporters any doubt about their commitment and/or desire to wear the red shirt, meanwhile, other lesser players continuously get a pass for some reason or another. More and more supporters are finding ways so how they can blame the above players mentioned even when they play in an unfamiliar position or are expected to make an impact from the cold substitutes’ bench.

football newsUnited supporters should expect this type of argument coming from rival supporters, but not from a handful of their own, right? Well, it is happening and, to be brutally honest, it is getting to be really tiresome listening to these broken record-type of fans. Let’s see if you can see which player the following questions pertain to.

This certain player can question the ambitions of the club and doubt the manager, but when he scores an accidental bicycle kick with his shin he is not only forgiven, but also worshiped? Yet this United player leads the Barclays Premier League in goal scored, with 19, but gets benched for all of the big games and still says nothing but glowing things about the club and yet continues to have to prove his worth and loyalties?

Isn’t it funny how you would think the first question was about Berbatov, who has been reduced to back-to-back substitute appearances, and the latter was about Wayne Rooney, who has seemed to win over the fans that were calling for his head a couple of months ago.

Granted, Rooney has scored five goals in the last seven games, but a lot of people, including Sir Alex Ferguson, about how influential and effective Berbatov was at the beginning of the season. Yes, Berbatov – the same player that has not only equaled the record for most hat-tricks in a single season, three, but also the most goals in a one game in the history of the Premier League!

A lot of fans moan that Berbatov goes missing in big games, or away from Old Trafford, and, to be fair, they’re absolutely spot on – because he is planted on the bench. Arsenal, Manchester City and now Chelsea – Berbatov has played a matter of 43 minutes out of a possible 270, and unless they are Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the player has little chance of making a serious impact in that short space of time.

Ahead of the Chelsea game, a lot of the talk coming from the Blues’ camp was if Didier Drogba, who leads them with nine goals, did not start he would be leaving in the summer. The press must hate Berbatov, because that is something that would never have been muttered from his lips, because of the constant respect and admiration he has shown for United – if only that respect was returned.

Berbatov is not the only for Tottenham player that receives criticism every time United takes the field. Due to either injuries or lack of depth in th midfield, Carrick has admirably taken on a new, defensive-minded role this season, and that has completely been overlooked by almost every single United supporter.

Carrick, by trade, is a creative, offensive midfielder that is best-used behind the front two, but, instead, he has operated in front the two center-backs. For instance, against Chelsea, Carrick was very impressive during the first half controlling the midfield by constantly moving to be an outlet in the United attack, which went unnoticed by most of the condescending fans.

In the second half, when United was forced to chase the points, Carrick was criticized by these simpletons for doing what they have wanted to do all season long – push forward and be involved in the attack. They said that Carrick was out of place and left his center midfield partner, Paul Scholes, forced to defend Chelsea’s midfielders by himself.

Carrick found out that he is damned if he does, and damned if does not, which is a shame, because he is one of the finest passing midfielders in the league, and that is something that Darren Fletcher cannot admit. Fletcher’s all-out, never-say-die attitude warms the hearts of the supporters, and they are willing to look passed the attributes his game lacks, which are certainly being exposed this season.

Like Rooney, and Carlos Tevez before him, if a player does not run around like a chicken with its head cut off, they lack the desire and commitment, and will not be adored. A couple of things have become quite clear: what Dimitar Berbatov and Michael Carrick bring to Manchester United will never be fully appreciated; and common sense is also not all that common.

Submitted by The United Religion

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