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Is Virtual Sports Betting Going To Replace Real Football?

If you are a regular sports bettor, perhaps one of your biggest frustrations in the past few months is there was barely any sport or events to bet on. With the coronavirus pandemic’s ripping through the world, almost all sporting events and leagues have been affected. With very few sports going on, there is very little for you to bet on. Or is there? Fortunately, there is virtual sports, where you can also place your bets as you would on a real-life sport.

Nowadays, the number of online sportsbooks offering virtual sports betting continuously grows. To keep yourself always updated on which bookies support virtual sports betting, you can check on, where you can also get updated on the latest odds, lines, and predictions for almost every sport you can bet on.

So what is virtual sports, how does it work, and is it set to replace real football betting eventually? Here’s what you should know.

How does virtual sports work

Virtual sports has one main objective: to bring to life a simulation of a real sports event that is as close to the real thing as possible. Virtual sports had gone a long way since it began at least a decade ago. Now, thanks to better technology in gaming and software development, virtual sports have highly-realistic graphics, and games are streamed as if a real-life game is being streamed live: complete with field graphics, weather conditions (where applicable), and even game commentary.

Virtual sports results are determined by an algorithm that makes sure that all results are randomised but still based on set statistics and probabilities for each player and team.

The advantages of virtual sports

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of virtual sports betting is that it is always available. You can expect to see new matches and games streamed and played with just several minutes of interval. This means that there will always be something to bet on and make a profit from 24 hours a day, all-year-round.

Another thing is that with more games being played, there are more betting opportunities for you. Unlike in a real-life league where games are set in a fixed number, you are limited to bet only on the number of games that will be played and virtual; sports do not work that way. Since there are always games, you can bet on countless games per day, if your bankroll and time can afford it.

The disadvantages of virtual sports

One of the disadvantages of betting on virtual sports is that you have very limited options for teams or players to choose from. Since most of the teams and players in a virtual sport are only inspired by real players and not the likeness and the names of real-life clubs and players, the feeling of watching your favourite club win or your favourite striker score a goal is not the same as witnessing it in a live, real-life game.

Also, virtual sports is not something all bookmakers can offer right now. However, most online sportsbooks are doing their best effort to provide virtual sports betting to their customers as well eventually.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, virtual sports betting can never replace real sports betting. As long as real games are being played, a real-life league featuring everything alive and real will always be preferred by almost all, if not all, of bettors and fans. On the other hand, what virtual sports betting can offer is a form of sports betting that has a faster pace, easier to bet on, and gives more betting opportunities in only a short period.

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