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How to Recognise a Good Betting Bonus

Betting online means you don’t have to leave your house to place a bet. No need to line-up or compare odds by moving from one bookie office to another. Better yet, you avoid all the tricks bookmakers use to make you spend more than you should.

Still, to be clear, betting sites aren’t without their tricks. Some companies have seemingly generous bonuses. But once you claim them, you get a ton of terms and conditions you must meet before you turn your bonus to cash.

So, what’s the best way to identify good betting bonuses? Let’s take a look…

Bonuses Recommended by Comparison Sites

Oh, yeah—bonus comparison sites exist. And not only do they list a variety of free bets but they also review betting sites. You can read about a company’s legitimacy, payment methods, betting markets and customer service.

The best review platforms, including, also explain the terms of each bonus. For example, you can discover its validity period, wagering requirements and games you can use to predict.

That way, you don’t sign up at betting websites solely because of its bonus amount. You create an account fully aware of the terms and conditions that apply. While at it, look for a bonus that makes it a breeze to withdraw your profits.

 Decent Amount

Although it’s not the most important thing, the amount of bonus offered matters a lot. Picture this. One company has a 100% deposit bonus worth a maximum of £50. Another site offers a 100% offer up to £100. Which one would you pay more attention to?

Bonuses save you money, so you want to qualify for the biggest amount possible. Unfortunately, bonus terms play a much bigger role in determining the value of a good free bet.

That’s why even though you could be offered £500; it could be worth less than a £100 incentive. As such, look at bonus amounts just to make sure you get a decent amount. But after that, consider these other factors…

Long Validity Period

A good bonus lasts one week to a month. A week is long enough to use your free bet while you might need a month for a big amount. That said, some bonuses only last one to days. And that’s alright for a single free bet or a £10 bonus.

However, look out for bonuses that come with a decent amount of validity time. If you don’t bet regularly, in particular, look for something that lasts up to 90 days before t expires. Crucially, also look for a free bet that gives you enough time to meet its requirements.

Roll Over/Wagering Requirements

Many betting bonuses aren’t free cash. Instead, you have to spend an amount equals to your bonus several times before you convert it to cash. Let’s say you get £20 to bet on football. By luck, you win £100.

Some bookies might need you to roll over your £20 one time. Others might have 5x or 10x wagering requirements. Naturally, you want a bonus with the least number of wagering times. That’s the easiest route for converting your profits into cash.

Some bookies give out bonuses with no rollover. They are hard to come by. But they exist. Look out for them during major sports events or search the Internet for no wager betting bonuses. If you can get even one free bet without rollover, everything you win can be withdrawn instantly.

Qualifying Odds

This is one of those requirements every punter wishes didn’t exist. Imagine you could receive a £100 bonus with the freedom to bet on Bayern vs. last-placed Mainz. The odds might not be spectacular. But it would be easy money.

To prevent people from using bonuses to wager on simple games, many bookies have requirements on the games you can bet on. In many cases, they let you wager on matches with odds 3/2 (1.5) and above.

Against that backdrop, choose games to bet with bonuses carefully. You want a match you can predict correctly. And you want to maximize your profits. As such, don’t look for the easiest games. And don’t select bet types you can hardly win.

High Maximum Withdrawal Limits

Limits are yet another trick bookies use to ensure you don’t cash out too much from a free bet. They might limit your withdrawal to £100 for no deposit bonuses and £500 for deposit-based bonuses.

Others are a tad more generous and let you cash out up to £5000 from bonuses. However, the best betting sites have no withdrawal limits. If you’re lucky enough to win £10000 from a free bet, you can cash it out.

The bottom line is to read the withdrawal limits of a bonus you plan to claim before you do it. You don’t want to claim a free bet and meet rollover requirements only to realize you can’t cash out more than £20.

Applies to your Favourite Games

A good bonus should be eligible for use on all sports and leagues. Rather, it should qualify for the games you target. That’s the only way it can make sense to you. If you’re not eligible for an offer or it excludes matches you bet on, there’s no need to look into its terms and conditions.

Fortunately, many welcome bonuses allow you to bet on nearly every betting market a bookmaker provides. The only time qualifying games change is when a site has a free bet for a specific sport or tournament.

Flexible Betting Limits

Betting limits apply to nearly every bonus. You can’t wager an entire bonus at once. And you might also have limits, not the minimum you can bet. Limits protect operators from people that abuse bonuses.

They also lower the maximum amount you can win from a single bet. Luckily, the best websites have decent limits. For example, you could wager up to £10 per match if you’re a regular player and up to £100 for high rollers.

That said, choose bonuses with generally high betting limits. It makes it easier to maximize your profits.

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