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The Rise of FIFA in eSports

Football clubs are now engaging with eSports through FIFA tournaments. We look at the impact this is having between eSports and football

It was only this year when clubs turned to FIFA so that they could create content. They even held a tournament which gave players the chance to play in events that were all coordinated by their own media team at Leyton Orient. It was covered quite extensively by the media and it even affected the betting markets. At the end of the day, eSports now has a window unlike ever before.

The Orient manager, Luke Lambourne, came out to say that he was in fact the brainchild of the event. He stated that it’s a great time for professional clubs to get involved with eSports as there’s a lot of appetite from the fans and clubs can now create their own eSports team. It’s not a money spinner but it will generate more interest which could lead to even bigger events in future.

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Pro Players and the World of Football

Football has changed a lot over the years and it would seem that it’s not the only industry to go online or become digital. When you look at the online casino UK industry, you will soon see that it has undergone a radical transformation in recent years. It’s now possible for you to play games like poker online, when at one point, this was only available if you visited a physical establishment. If you look at football, you will see that 30 years ago it was only possible for you to witness the game live if you had a ticket. Now you can follow the action live, you can go online and view highlights and you can also play football digitally yourself through eSports.  This is helping the game to take off like never before and it is also helping fans feel more engaged.

The Rise of FIFA

FIFA have already proved to be a very useful asset when it comes to both attracting and activating a sponsorship deal after partnering with Stevenage. Burger King also got involved in the deal as they acted as sponsors for the virtual Stevenage team and offered fans rewards for completing challenges on FIFA. For gamers, there has never been a better time to become a professional eSports player for those who want to take their skills to the next level. At the moment, qualifications are taking place for the third league competition which will see all of the 20 teams in the Premier League being represented.  The value is commercially good, and it would also seem that fans are being attracted through all of the key channels. Gaming fans across the world are now choosing to engage with both Premier League clubs as well as players. They are looking forward to some thrilling entertainment and they are also giving fans in the UK the chance to represent their team in a somewhat high-profile competition.



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