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Where The Hell Is The Passion In This Arsenal Team?!

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I know I said that I didn’t mind us losing this match but certainly not in the manner that we did. We put out a strong squad whereas the opposition played with 7 defenders in their line-up. Looking at their line-up, I seriously expected for the team to go on and beat the Mancs. It was a line-up with next week’s Champions League encounter in mind and yet we couldn’t beat them.

However, what irked me most about this defeat is the lack of heart among the Arsenal players in the game. The lads were playing at pedestrian pace and not showing any passion for the match at all. It was like they were being forced at gunpoint to participate in the game. Out of all the players, the only one who really tried was Jack Wilshere and this is a boy of 18 years. The rest of the seniors players especially Denilson, Diaby and Arshavin were not even trying.

Both goals came as a result of the lackidaisical attitude of the holding midfielders. For the first, we saw Fabio having lots of space to receive the ball when Diaby was still strolling back to the penalty box while for the second, Denilson allowed Valencia to carry the ball over 60 metres up till the penalty box without even getting close to him. He was again just strolling along with Valencia. The other guy who dissapointed was Kieran Gibbs. Here is the England left back of the future but he was so poor as Rafael just breezed past him to set up the second goal.

Seriously, where is the heart in playing for Arsenal? This is the FA Cup, for god sake. If the match doesn’t excite the players, I am not sure if they are in the right profession. The opposition were certainly no better the us in terms of talent but they just showed more passion. Wayne Rooney for all his criticism was always at the back holding his court in front of the left back and bouncing forward whenever they had a break. That is what we need. PASSION!

I am too sick to the stomach to write anymore about the team. Its best to just leave the dissapointment to rest for the week. We will also be losing Djourou for the rest of the season with a dislocated shoulder. On the other hand, it’s great to see Rambo back in the first team. Pity it didn’t come under better circumstances.

Submitted by The Arsenal Kid

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