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7 Tips For Playing Virtual Football

Virtual sports betting has emerged as one of the biggest betting trends. In this article, you’ll find some of the most best tips on playing virtual football.


Virtual sports betting has emerged as one of the biggest modern-day betting trends. With football being a popular sport globally, virtual football ranks high as an option amongst bettors.

In this article, you’ll find some of the most effective tips on playing virtual football.


  • Get A Full Analytical View


Not all virtual football sites give a holistic analysis of games. However, one of the best things you can do when playing virtual football is to use a full analytic view of the league. Without a proper analysis of team form and league standing, it’s easier to place bets on less-performing teams at the expense of those who stand great chances of delivering winning outcomes.

Check out sports betting providers such as AplikasiQQ, which offer tools that enable you to perform a forecast. This way, you can see the form of every team and their standing in the league. By doing so, you can predict less risky bets.


  • Review Previous Matches 


This is usually a good step to take at the beginning of a new virtual football league season. But beyond that, you can also apply this tip when you see a change in trend. 

Reviewing previous matches helps you to understand both the performance and winning trends of each team. Especially during the start of a new league season, you should carefully observe the first five games to see teams’ performance. 

A winning streak is a good sign. It can be tempting to place bets on teams that performed well in the previous season without caring to know their most recent forms. If you employ this tip, you can tell if a team is worth your bet or not. 


  • Start Small


Yes, you want to win big. Instead of betting all your money at once, it’s best to bet a small amount of money, especially on your first bet. To be safer, you can bet on a single match rather than multiple games. If you win, you can maintain the same amount in subsequent games. As your profit grows, you can begin to increase your stakes. This way, it’s easier to handle a loss. 

Experiencing a loss after placing a huge bet can damage your confidence. However, with little wins and losses, you can grow both in skills and confidence.


  • Don’t Ignore The Weak Teams 


This is an uncommon strategy, but it’s worth the try. Most of the time, people prefer to bet on solid teams with high tendencies to win. As good as this decision is, betting on a consistently losing team is an equally good decision. You may simply bet on the weak teams to lose their games. Their loss would mean a win for you. 

How do you know the weak teams in the league? An excellent way to know is by looking out for the teams in the lowest positions on the table. You could also consider those experiencing a losing streak in their most recent matches, both away and home. Such teams will be a good betting strategy


  • Understand The Odds 


One of the things you should take time to learn about virtual football is how to calculate odds. The odds reveal your selected team’s chances of winning in the eyes of the bookmakers and the financial returns to expect if your wager is successful. Odds whose first number is bigger than the second are odds-against. At the same time, those with bigger second numbers are at odds. 

Odds also determine if a particular wager has good value or not. You might be tempted to bet on higher odds which appear more profitable. However, it’s wiser to back the favourite even if they have lower odds. 


  • Manage Your Bankroll


Your bankroll is like your regular bank account. It’s where you keep your money and access it whenever you want to place a stake. Regardless of how much money you’ve got in your bankroll, you cannot afford to be reckless. Recklessness will only make you lose very quickly. If you’re an aggressive or impulsive bettor, your bankroll dwindles efficiently, and you’ll struggle to generate additional income. You should think long-term and stay within a minimal wager percentage. 


  • Choose A Reliable Site 


The popularity of virtual football has caused countless betting sites to spring up. Many of these sites offer a wide range of virtual sports. However, before you choose an online bookie, you should consider certain essential factors like if the site is licensed and the quality of odds it provides. 

It would help if you also considered how they accept payments and whether they give bonuses and promos or do not. With this information, you can tell a site favourable for you. The good thing is that you’re not stuck on a betting site. You can open accounts with different bookies until you find the most suitable. 


The strategies for playing virtual football are not carved in stone. However, the chances are high that the tips in this article will help you get the most out of the experience. From understanding odds to beginning with small bets, you can have great wins.

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