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Who Will Be the Best Premier League Goalkeeper?

The question is – who will be the best premier league goalkeeper in the 2022/2023 season? We look at Alisson Becker, Ederson and others.

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The 2022/2023 English Premier League has begun in full flight, with some teams already making bold statements early on. With new top players like Erling Haaland and Nunez in the league, we can expect this season to provide breathtaking goals and lots of fun. But the focus is not only on top strikers that can score goals. We would also like to see goalkeepers pull some fantastic saves and keep us on the edges of our seats. 

Last season, Ederson and Alisson had 20 clean sheets, and both got the Golden Glove Award. But it’s a new season, with every goalkeeper looking to make extraordinary saves and keep clean sheets as long as possible. The question is – who will be the best premier league goalkeeper in the 2022/2023 season? Let’s find out.

It’s Likely a Top Team’s Keeper

For any goalkeeper to be the best in the premier league this season, he must be able to make the highest number of clean sheets. But if there is one thing we know for sure, making clean sheets is an entire team’s work, not just a player. Successful goalkeepers are surrounded by great defenders who protect them from getting too busy and conceding goals. For this reason, it is safe to say that the best goalkeeper in the EPL this season will be from a top team capable of giving opponents problems in defense and attack. If you want to bet on the goalkeeper to win the Golden Glove award or any regular EPL game, make sure you choose best UK football bookies for it. Now, let’s talk about the best goalkeepers from different teams.

Liverpool’s Alisson Becker

The 29-year-old Liverpool goalkeeper, Alisson Becker, is surely one of the best in the English Premier League, and there are stats to back that claim up. Last season, the Brazilian professional footballer made 20 clean sheets in 36 appearances, sharing the Golden Glove award with Ederson. Three seasons before that, in the 2018/2019 season, Alisson made 21 clean sheets in 38 games to win the award. So it’s no overstatement to say that the Brazilian goalkeeper is capable of becoming the best goalkeeper in the EPL this season. Considering that Liverpool is one of the most lethal teams in the league, we can expect him to have some clean sheets and probably make some stunning saves. 

Manchester City’s Ederson Santana de Moraes

Ederson is another top goalkeeper that has what it takes to win the Golden Glove award in the EPL 2022/2023 season. This Manchester City goalie has been pretty spectacular under Pep Guardiola, winning the award three times in a row, including the one he shared with Alisson in 2021/2022. Last season Ederson made 37 appearances in the English Premier League and had 20 clean sheets. The keeper is also off to a great start this season, having two clean sheets in 3 games and is looking forward to more. 

Manchester City has been in terrific form for over five years, winning numerous trophies, most recently, the English Premier League last season. The team has some of the best defenders and attackers in the league who can help shield the Brazilian footballer from the brunt of attacks. 

Manchester United’s De Gea

There is no denying that De Gea is a top-class goalkeeper capable of making incredible saves. However, with Manchester United’s current dilemma in terms of attacking and defensive performances, they have been unable to shield the Spanish footballer from conceding too many goals. But does that mean De Gea cannot be the best goalkeeper in the league? Definitely not. With the Red Devils’ new manager, Erik ten Hag, working hard to restore the team back to its former glory days, it won’t be surprising to see De Gea manage to make enough clean sheets to put him on the list of the potential Golden Glove award winners.

Mendy, Lloris and Others

Apart from the three goalkeepers mentioned so far, there are other fantastic goalies in EPL with enough juice to be the best in the 2022/2023 season. Chelsea’s goalkeeper, Edouard Mendy, may not be as experienced as Alisson or Ederson, but the Senegalese pulled some great saves and helped the Blues secure some points. In the previous season, Mendy managed to get 14 clean sheets in 34 games, and we can expect him to try to perform even better this season. 

Lloris is another top goalie in the EPL with a pretty impressive record. Last season, the number one Tottenham footballer had 16 clean sheets in 38 games and made 98 saves. Under new manager Antonio Conte, Tottenham looks like a formidable team, and we expect that Lloris can perform well enough to compete for the Golden Glove award. 

Other notable goalies to watch out for as the best premier league goalkeeper include Aaron Ramsdale of Arsenal, Danny Ward of Leicester City and Jordan Pickford of Everton.

Wrapping It Up

Betting on who will be the best premier league goalkeeper can be pretty rewarding, as top bookies tend to offer high odds for this option. However, as with any prediction, there is no way of telling what team or players will perform spectacularly. Nevertheless, considering the current performances of goalies like Ederson and Alisson, they are surely one to watch out for this season.

Goalkeepers like De Gea, Pickford, Lloris and Aaron Ramsdale have also shown the quality they are made of, and we can expect them to put on a great performance. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to carefully analyzing a team’s performance to place the best bets.

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