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Mourinho To Liverpool? No Thanks

So, the “Special one” does it again. He has only gone and won the Copa Del Ray (King’s Cup) in Spain by beating the mighty Barcelona, in extra time 1-0. Ronaldo headed home the goal for his 42nd of the season late in the game so, another trophy claimed by Mourinho.

He has now won silverware for FC Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid amongst others in his remarkable Managerial career. But the point is, how does he win trophies?

He does it by adopting extremely negative tactics that, sadly, do often prevail against even the best teams in the world like Barca. He started without a recognised striker, leaving Adebeyor on the bench and instead set about Barcelona with 10 men committed to tackle and fight for every ball.

It worked, Ronaldo hit them on the break with a header in extra-time, a great header on the counter-attack. But, if this is how you play football then I don’t wanna know. Defend at all costs, negagate the opposition and maybe, get a goal on the break. Thats Mourinho’s tactics and always have been.

Some rumours have been flying about that he is interested in returning to the Premiership, that may be so, but I for one, don’t wanna see him next or near the club. I would much rather see Kenny Dalglish get a long contract with his attacking brand of football and José can look elsewhere. What Fenway Sports Group think is still unclear.

Submitted by Friends of Liverpool

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