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The Perfect Goal?

It was sublime really. One of those magic moments that you will never forget, as you may like calling it. Can you possibly imagine a better way of enjoying a Saturday afternoon?

A great man said, “It was stunning […] in terms of execution, you’ll never see that”. Accurate words for this season’s finest moment in the Premier League.

This moment represents one of the reasons why I love the Premier League more than any other tournament in this world. Nobody, not a single fan in the whole world expected a moment like this, not even his manager. How could anyone expect that? Before the game, the player barely managed to score four lousy league goals. Add to that, an extremely disappointing World Cup. Add to that, a transfer request to leave the club. Add to that, an extremely lucrative deal signed a couple of days later.

On a fine Saturday afternoon, at one of the most beautiful stadiums in Europe, a centre forward scored the goal of the season.

You’ve guessed it, folks! Wayne Rooney’s greatest goal: the bicycle kick against rivals Man City. As Rooney leaped to meet the end of Nani’s cross, it felt like watching a movie in slow motion. It seemed that the whole Old Trafford had frozen. No movement whatsoever, except Rooney’s body. When Rooney’s foot touched the ball, the clock stopped ticking.

It was audacious! It was fantastic! Perhaps, it was the perfect goal. Scored in the 77th minute, Wayne’s goal helped United win the Manchester derby. In that moment, it did not really matter that United would get another three points, vital in the quest for the title. It did not matter that United would  win the derby. All that mattered was Rooney’s mesmerizing piece of skill.  Pure class!

After the game, Sir Alex confessed that it was the greatest goal he had seen in 25 years at Old Trafford. Even City’s manager, Mancini agreed that it was “a moment of genius”. Wayne Rooney, thank you so much for scoring that perfect goal. Brilliant, simply brilliant!

P.S. Rooney’s goal reminded me of Ronaldinho’s fabulous goal against Villareal on 25 November 2006 at Camp Nou. Sweet memories!

Dear fans, have your say! Is Rooney’s goal the finest moment of this Premier League season? Do you think Wayne scored the perfect goal?

Here’s a video to help you decide!

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