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Vidic & Sir Alex Honored By None Other Than The FA

In conjunction with winning this season’s league title, Manchester United have also scooped up both the Barclays Premier League’s Manager of the Year and Player of the Year awards, which is operated by the Football Association.

More than likely it was against the FA’s will, Sir Alex Ferguson has been greeted with the manager’s award for a remarkable 10th time, and his captain of choice, Nemanja Vidic, has earned the honor for the second time since joining United in January 2006.

Usually these awards go to the best player and manager that wins the league, but this season these two honorees were fully-deserving – no matter if they won the league or not.

A lot of pundits are calling this Sir Alex’s best managerial feat since joining United in 1986, so, with that said, it is very fitting that he was chosen this season. By winning the league title for an unthinkable 12th time, it has allowed Ferguson to finally fulfill his obligation of knocking Liverpool right off their lofty perch.

Back in 2002/03 before the Reds overcame Arsenal to win that league title, the Gaffer boldly revealed that his greatest ambition when the manager at Old Trafford would be “knocking Liverpool right off their f*****g perch.” That was back when United were still four domestic league triumphs behind the 18-times winner, who have not won the trophy since 1989/90, and now they are the kings of the roost, and with Ferguson at the helm, the Reds will not be giving up that position.

The addiction of success has spurred Sir Alex on, and, since then, he has admirably guided his team to five titles in the last nine years – and there really is not an end in sight to his reign, either.

Like he has done throughout his time at United, Ferguson has built a squad comprised of 25 players willing to contribute when and where they are needed. To be honest, there are not really any flashy, bigger-than-life superstars in the squad – just a bunch of very good players, who believe in the team’s goals rather than their personal.

That could not be truer then with the man who was honored with the Barclays Premier League Player of the Year award. Vidic, who was recently snubbed for any of the individual awards Reds’ end of the season banquet, is serving his first season the club’s designated skipper and his leadership has merited this award. To further prove why the Gaffer bestowed that responsibility on him, the no-nonsense center-back has featured in the Premier League more times than any other United player with 34 appearances to his name.

With an uncanny amount of injuries to the back-four over the last two seasons, Vidic has proven to be the immovable force and is constantly seen laying his body on the line to deny an opposing player a crack at goal.

However, he does not only offer an immense presence at the back, but Vidic is also one of United’s deadliest weapons on set pieces. It was him that scored the goal that led to the Reds having a nearly unassailable chance of winning the league this season with the eventual decisive goal against Chelsea a few weeks back.

Last summer, there were a lot of rumors that gained momentum suggesting that Vidic was on his way out of Old Trafford, but he squashed them by signing a new contract extension and was rewarded with the captain’s armband.

Even though it is nice to see two of Manchester United’s unheralded servants win the Barclays Premier League Manager of the Year and Player of the Year awards, both Sir Alex Ferguson and Nemanja Vidic would both rather have the team success that has gone along with this award.

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