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Arsenal Transfer News: Update on Falcao, Eto’o Linked & Youngster Wants Gunners Move

This has been quite a day of interesting day of transfer news, gossip and speculation surrounding the Gunners. Without further ado, here is the recap or roundup of today’s headlines.Denilson wanted by SevillaDenilson…. wanted and overvalued…

This has been quite an interesting couple of days of transfer news, gossip and speculation surrounding the Gunners. Without further ado, here is the recap or roundup of the headlines.

Denilson wanted by Sevilla

Great news in my opinion, as according to the Daily Mail, Spanish side Sevilla, have offered the wantaway Brazilian midfielder, a route out of Arsenal. Sevilla are willing to pay the Gunners around 8 million pounds to acquire the Brazilian. Yes, you heard me,  8 MILLION POUNDS!!!!!!!!! The offer, in my opinion, is way above his valuation which in my opinion is around 5 million pounds or less. So I suggest to Wenger…… TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN!!!!!!

Bendtner valued at 9.6 million pounds

Nicklas Bendtner’s agent and father, Thomas Bendtner, has valued his wantaway son, at around 9.6 million pounds or 11 million euros. Bendtner is set to leave this summer, but it will all depend on whether clubs interested in him will pay the amount. I believe Bendtner is slightly overvalued at that price, I belive he’s in the 7-8.5 million pound range, but that’s just my opinion. Bendtner has quite a lot of interest from the likes of Lazio, Fulham, even Bayern Munich, so I think he’ll find a way out this summer.

Link to the article:

Barcelona offer 30 million pounds for Fabregas

Fabregas….. valued more than 30 million pounds

Yeah, here we go again. Many reports are stating that Barcelona are going to launch a 30 million pound offer for Gunners skipper and playmaker, Cesc Fabregas. In my opinion, that is a low offer and will definitely get rejected, I don’t think that Wenger is keen on selling him and if he is, the offer should be closer to 50 million pounds….. joke of an offer.

Here’s a link to an article about the news:

Nasri contract talks stall

Well, this isn’t good news at all, as Wenger confirmed that contract talks with Samir Nasri have stalled, due to differences in wages. A report by, states that Nasri wants the same salary as Cesc Fabregas, which is around 110,000 pounds per week. I believe that Nasri’s demands aren’t justified, despite his excellent performances this season. Yes, he deserves a pay rise, but not the same amount as Fabregas. Fabregas has been consistently excellent for the past 6-7 years, while Nasri has finally performed this year. If Nasri and Arsenal, don’t agree on a new contract, then just sell him before the new season begins.

Falcao update: I’m in no rush to leave Porto

This is an update provided by Radamel Falcao himself, who’s gaining huge interest from the Gunners and Tottenham. Falcao states that he is “calm” about the situation and that Porto are looking to renew his contract. He also states that he does “not know if it’s his time to leave to another championship”. Not a really positive update, but nonetheless an update.

Here’s the link to the article:

Oxlade- Chamberlain wants Arsenal move

This news comes from the ever-reliable, We Are the North Bank, who first reported on the Gunners re-opening talks with the talented English winger/midfielder. Mark Chamberlain, his father, stated that his son wants” to get to Arsenal as soon as possible and continue his development….” I expect this transfer to happen sooner rather than later, as clearly, Wenger is really serious about signing him.

Here’s the link to the article:

Arsenal interested in Samuel Eto’o

This is the surprising and biggest news of the day, as there are reports coming out of Italy, suggesting that Arsenal are interested in signing Cameroonian international and Inter Milan star and legend, Samuel Eto’o. Eto’o, as the article states will act as a replacement for wantaway striker, Nicklas Bendtner. I don’t believe that this transfer will take place, as Eto’o is highly valued and important to Inter Milan and the story just seems like pure gossip to me, but if it does happen…. Eto’o will be one hell of a signing.

I know that you probably know about Eto’o’s talents, but why not have another look…. enjoy:

What do you think? What are your opinions on the Bendtner, Denilson, Fabregas, and Nasri situations? Do you want to see either Falcao or Eto’o as a Gunner? What is your opinion on Wenger signing a third youngster in the form of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain? Please share your thoughts and opinions.

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