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Manchester United: The Cost Of Being A Successful Club

Despite losing the 2011 UEFA Champions League Final, Manchester United had a very successful season, but one would never think that following the reaction of a small portion of their fans.

As noted before, there is stark difference between a fan and a supporter of a football club, and the way the two expressed their contrasting feelings showed the clear divide.

A barrage of blame was aimed at this player or that player, but some, amazingly, shelled fault at Sir Alex Ferguson – even after all he has done for Manchester United in the last quarter of a century.

Entitlement is the selected word that can only describe these fans – if you can even call them that – having an ungrateful gratitude towards the club. How you can really tell if someone supports a club to the fullest extent is not when they win, but when they lose.

Thankfully, the majority of the supporters, who often get a raw deal from rival fans for being plastics, Manchester United only lost seven of their 60 games – including the FA Community Shield – this season. The Reds captured what can only be classified as the jinx 19th title – because Liverpool has been trying to win it for 21 years – yet that is still not good enough for some!

Against Barcelona, you have to step back and congratulate them for the way they played the game beautifully and, to be honest, any team on this planet would have been second-class to them on that day. Yes, it was the last game of the season, but as disappointing as that result was, it was not the game that defined the season – even though some considered it to be.

Let’s see how terrible of a season United has had: FA Community Shield Champions, Quarterfinalists in the Carling Cup, Semifinalists in the FA Cup, Runners-Up in the UEFA Champions League and champions of the Barclays Premier League. This CV / Resume is something that most clubs would kill for, yet some, to be a disappointing season for Manchester United, considers this.


Sir Alex Ferguson has certainly raised the level of expectation to an unprecedented mark, but while it is always good to have the highest of standards, people also need to remain realistic at the same time. Sustainable success is something that no club has ever been able to do for more than two decades at a time, but yet our manager is bringing the club to those unparalleled heights. We, as an integral part of the club, need to fully trust and support the manager to make sure that this success continues.

This theory contradicts the one the Gaffer tries to instill into his players, because without that trademarked winning mentality, the club will become as stagnant as some of United’s bitter rivals have become. Sir Alex is, without question, the greatest supporter that this club has and he demands highest of performance levels, but even he is realistic enough to know these expectations sometime exceed absoluteness.

What is great about a club like Manchester United is that distance or age does not determine the level of commitment a supporter may, or may not be. The words we choose and the sensations that we feel are what dictate our level of dedication to the club, so choose your words wisely and, most importantly, respect the club in the process.

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  2. James Wynne

    June 5, 2011 at 1:22 pm

    Couldn’t have put it better myself ! How can anybody question fergie after all he has done ?

  3. RedScot

    June 5, 2011 at 6:09 pm

    I believe the lack of ‘proper games’ to discuss and the results of these games cause a unhealthy venom in many fans.
    Particularly at this period of the season, with the summer transfer window newly opened.Everybody has an opinion to improve the team, in this case United.There comes a level of frustration with this, in many ‘supporters’ eyes, that they cant convey their points correctly(my problem often).I am sure their intentions are for the best but often do not take into account the full financial implications of nominating player X Y and Z.For many United supporters they seem to believe United are hugely wealthy and fail to appreciate it is a buisness.We could mock and aim stupid digs like this is not the ‘Championship manager game’, which in its self is pointless and only fuels anger.We simply must accept the nucleus of Manchester Uniteds squad is in place.One or two minor adjustments throughout the transfer window, your guess is as good as mine.All I believe some civility to one another will help persuade people.Knocking anybody with a sledghammer, only further alienates people and intrenches them in a stand off.We are all United supporters and as such, some humility to one another goes a long way in my eyes.The humilation at the hands of a ‘one off team’ in Barcelona are fresh and I guess people are still sore.The expectation was not fulfilled and therefore has resulted in built up dissapointment and anger.One real football match would rectify this and we move on.
    Ps I am ducking out of transfer talk, its way too divisive for an innocent like Moi.It generally goes no where, like a dog chasing its tail, so to speak.
    Ps I will watch later tonight ‘The Dammed United’.Every body loved Brian Clough(rip) yes.

  4. Ramsey

    June 5, 2011 at 8:55 pm

    Totally true. True fans are defined by how they act when their team loses. If United fell to mid-table and did horrible in all cup tourneys then maybe there’d be something to cry about. But they performed as well as they were expected to and were the team to beat in England. Despite how well one can prepare for a match nothing is a given on the pitch. I really hoped that United would have given Barca more of a run for their money but Barca made it obvious that it only had two real difficulties during the campaign: Arsenal and Real Madrid. It sucks that United lost to Barca again but playing a team like Barca gives United the vision it needs to come back even stronger next season.

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