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Arsenal: Transfer Speculation, Denilson & Season reviews…

International football resumes tomorrow with some Gunners in action for their motherland but as expected, the main news dominating the headlines is the type of news that the media Vultures feed us with. Starting with the Premier League, those in the hierarchy of Fulham and Aston Villa will have to search for new managers because […]

International football resumes today with some Gunners in action for their motherland but as expected, the main news dominating the headlines is the type of news that the media Vultures feed us with.

Starting with the Premier League, those in the hierarchy of Fulham and Aston Villa will have to search for new managers because Gerard Houllier and Mark Hughes have waved their goodbyes. Houllier didn’t start his Aston Villa career well but the acquisition of Darren Bent in the winter transfer window did wonders for him and the club because the striker was in his usual predatory goal scoring form in the games that mattered for them. It’s also unfortunate to know that Arsenal fell into that category because the Bent One wasted no time in punishing us thanks to more atrocious defending.

That was an attribute that haunted us all season long. There were many games that the players were the plotters of their own demise in the hands of the opposition. I have a hunch that Houllier’s health was a factor in his departure from Villa but I’ll not bother myself with the full details involved in his move away form the club. Mark Hughes’ departure on the other hand should be regarded as an enigma. (I wasn’t talking about me :) ). His side almost went through a whole season without picking up a red card but Gera’s lounge on Vermaelen tainted that record. Both sides have good players so any manager moving there will not have any major problems of any sort unless he’s a certain Isreali that is talented in sending teams into relegation.

The English Press or the media Vultures as i prefer calling them are at it again linking us with players that share the same Spectral realm with Soul Reaver’s Raziel. They say that we are now on the alert because Real Madrid have declared that Gonzalo Higuain is now available. Higuain is one of the most lethal strikers in the business. He’s 20/20 finishing attribute in Football Manager is not a fad. The major problem of acquiring a player like Higuain is that he’ll command a very hefty transfer fee. The kind of fee that Man City will waste no time in splashing so I feel that he’s out of our reach. Spurs and Man City are also on the hunt for the 23-year old but in a money case like this one, there’s one undisputed winner. They have also published that we have put Wigan’s James McCarthy under our radar but we are also fighting for the lad with Liverpool and Chelsea. I’ve seen the 20-year old play and he’s not half bad but for a fee of £15m, oh please!!!! At least he’s not English this time because we know how English players command unbelievable transfer fees.

The most interesting of them all is that Arsenal has made a bid of £4m for Nigerian sensation, Osaze Odemwingie. There’s side talk that Arsenal’s Aztec Warrior Carlos Vela will be part of the deal. Odemwingie stunned everybody with his classy goals but he’ll be 30 next month. We all know how AW acts up when a player reaches that magic number. As a Nigerian, I’d love to see Osaze wear the Red and White but getting him of a meagre fee with Vela included in it will not be regarded as a good piece of business. If we want Odemwingie, we should go ahead and buy him without including Vela because we all know that if Vela was given half the games Nicklas Bendtner was given last season, he would have been a hotshot. He was reduced to sub appearances this campaign but he managed to score 3 good goals. It seems certain that Bendtner may leave this summer but i still don’t understand why the media Vultures haven’t linked us with any other holding midfielder but Parker.

Arsenal has an attacking force that can score 10 goals in a game but they also have a defense that can concede 11 in that same game.I must say that I’m not happy with the players we are being linked to at this point in time because they shouldn’t be our priority. Gervinho, Falcao, Ricky Alvarez, Hazard, Higuain and Odemwingie. The strikers in the aforementioned names will still be second fiddle to Robin van Persie so why not get players that will keep our shaky defenders on their toes. Vermaelen is a colossus in defense, Sagna is not of the best right backs in the galaxy, Clcihy (on his day) can be a World beater while Djourou showed us this season that he can be trusted but as a UNIT, Arsenal’s defense sucks. Nobody ever believed that Holland wouldn’t win the France 98 World Cup because they had the best squad on paper. van der Save, Reizeger, Jaap Stam and Frank de Boer were the best in their time. They even had Edgar Davids and Philip Cocu to protect them. Mark Overmars and Ronald de Boer provided wit on the flanks with Reverend Father Chief Sir High Royal Highness Dennis Bergkamp supported Patrick Kluivert yet they were knocked out. I’ll keep you posted as more transfer news unfold.

For player departures, Barca have increased their bid for our captain, Cesc Fabregas. This issue is turning into a cliche that’s boring the life out of me. If I get £1000 for every time Barca has done any activity that involves Fabregas, I’ll be able to match our captain’s wages for a week at least. I don’t know if this new £40m bid will be enough to let AW lose his grip on our captain in the tug of war but I’ll still hope that Arsenal would say no to the captain leaving the club. Fabregas is a model professional and will continue to do his thing on the pitch. If rVp wants a through pass, he’ll give him. This season everybody said that he played as if his mind wasn’t in the club but we must remember that Fabregas is not the equivalent of Totti in Roma, Gerrard in Liverpool or Terry in Chelsea. These players were BORN in the city of these clubs, Fabregas was imported from Barca at a young age. I want Fabregas to be happy because he played in the same Mutant Academy with Shakira’s Pique and Messi the Hobbit but he has to stay at Arsenal and lift a trophy at least before waving his goodbyes.

My namesake and Arsenal’s greatest captain I ever knew, Tony Adams won 4 Premier League titles (89′, 91′, 98 and 02′), 3 FA Cups (93′, 98′ and 02′), 2 Carling Spoons (87′ and 93′), 3 Community Shields (91′, 98′ and 99′) and the UEFA Cup Winners Cup in 94. His retirement came with tears from the Arsenal faithful because he served for 20 amazing years. Captain Monsieur Vieira after him won 3 Premier Leagues (98′, 02′ and 04′), 4 FA Cups (98′, 02′, 03′ and 05′) and 4 Community Shields (98′, 99′, 02′ and 04′). In Vieira’s time at Arsenal he also won the World Cup (98′), European Championship (00′) and the Confederations Cup (01′) with France. Vieira left the club because he wanted to win the only trophy that eluded him in his Arsenal career (Champions League) but we the fans said our goodbyes to our most fiery captain with tears in our eyes thanks to the wonderful service he rendered us for 9 years. Humble Gilberto Silva took over and has won 1 Premier League (04′), 1 FA Cup (05′) and 1 Community Shield (04′) but he also waved his goodbyes because he had lost his place to the Flanimal.

I can’t add Mercenary Gallas to the list of the great men that has led this club because he was a good player on the pitch but a cuntly cunt off it. Fabregas has won only the FA Cup in his Arsenal career and he wasn’t the player that lifted it. I really hope that he’ll give the team one more season to gun for a trophy then if we cock up as we always do I’ll hold no grudges against my club’s captain and any other good player that wants to leave.

Denilson told everyone a few weeks ago that he’s leaving Arsenal for greener pastures elsewhere because of this, that and those other factors. Sevilla have come to his aid with an £8m bid which i believe will be accepted by Arsenal. He recently said a few interesting words that I’ll like to share with you my esteemed readers.

“In my opinion Wenger did what he had to do. He was a honest man, very clear and correct with everyone. He gave the opportunity and unfortunately we could not take it. If there is someone to blame for this it´s us, the players, that are on the field. I will never blame it on Wenger.”

That’s nice Denilson, we can put the blame on the players. Let me start with you. I can remember when Arsenal played Stoke Rugby FC in the FA Cup in 2010, a certain Brazilian was escorting Sidibe before he sent a cross to Fuller who nodded home to drive the nail in our FA Cup coffin. Their many other games where a certain Brazilian in question was supposed to be the holding midfielder but Arsenal’s midfield seemed empty because NO ONE was there to do the dirty work. As rVp said to Chelsea, shut the FUCK up and get your bags on the next plane to Spain. It’s sad to know that you didn’t turn out to be the wonderkid we bought from Sao Paulo in 2006.

Arsenal has published its own season reviews in the official site. You can check out the Carling Spoon review, FA Cup review and Champions League review. It’s worth a read.

That’s all for now.

The tweet of the day goes to my buddie Andy Reed or @Largekatt as he’s known on Twitter.

“@Largekatt: If 20,000 Arsenal tweeps follow @Nanas08 (Samir Nasri) today and pay him £1 a week, his contract dispute will be solved”

This means that Nasri can collect £90,000 from Arsenal while we the fans will be the other £20,000 per week then everybody goes home happy. Here’s to El Capitan and Samir Nasri

Please don’t go. You can follow them @cesc4official and @Nanas08 to join the league of Arsenal fans that are begging them to stay.


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