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Arsenal Fans: Trust Wenger To Do The Right Thing

A person who loves to flirt with the media, has an eye for young talent, has the capability of a true army general who has passion and love for the same football club as you do … so why are you so reluctant to show your faith in him.

It’s just something that Arsene loves to do, hold the cards in his hand till the last moment and that’s what he will do in this year’s big transfer market. He is a tactician and it should not be a forgotten fact that he took the most difficult task in the days where the entire world’s economy was on a low, of building up a new stadium and still keeping Arsenal in the most elite group of football clubs, the Champions League. It took some bad decision making in the Champions League to beat the world’s youngest (Arsenal) where Arsenal FC took the game to the world’s best (Barcelona) and not to forget the world’s best were not even matched by the world’s most expensive (Real Madrid) when it came to playing football.

Logically keeping your options hidden is the right thing to do as there are certain players which are required to be shed from the team and incase their replacements are made imminent earlier than their sale this could be the key factor over negotiation of selling price for such players. I personally believe that Wenger’s philosophy is to hit the opponents on the patience meter, where whoever falters first has to pay the asking price for the other teams’ player. In different geographical locations across the world the power lies with different people who are attached to a player, sometimes the effecting party is the football club to which the player is attached, sometimes it is the player’s manager / family, sometimes it is the buying club as the player happens to be a fan of the club since childhood, and so on an so forth. The point is to identify which factor can be the deciding factor to change a player’s decision.

There is a list of players circulating on various websites and tabloids who are thought to be a surplus to the club (Arsenal in this case) but all those players cannot be sold that’s a common understanding where even some of these players can be used as substitutes or replacements to the more efficient of players in the same position i.e. utilizing the less efficient set of players in matches which are not so important, in order to shield the key set of players. As under usual circumstances Arsenal FC plays around 60 games per season and as it was seen last season that as the climax arises the time interval between matches grow shorter and shorter and player’s fitness is tested more and more not to forget that each match is played at a different geographical location. Therefore a fully fit team is a key requirement to provide the finishing touches to all the effort that is put up since the start of the season.

In short Wenger will hold on to reveal his signings till later July and during this period will try to offload the players, who are reluctant to be part of the squad next season, are wanted at a reasonable price by other clubs or are a liability to the club. It’s all a patience game, till then read all, hear all but believe only what is confirmed officially.

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