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Here Is The Reason Arsenal Lost To Blackburn

The fallout from Arsenal’s latest ridiculous defeat has been very interesting. Some fans have blamed manager Arsene Wenger, many have identified individual players like Koscielny, Santos or Song for stick, while some fans seem to have gone beyond caring and are not surprised by anything they see from the Gunners anymore.

My personal view is that a culmination of factors lead to the 4-3 defeat to Blackburn, many of which have been a heavy influence in several games of late (bad defending, individual mistakes, poor tactics, bad refereeing decisions, lack of focus, etc). But if i had to identify one single moment that turned the game it would be when Gervinho failed to pass to RVP for a tap-in that would have made it 3-1 to the Gunners and secured a goal that would have resulted in 3 points for Arsenal, in my opinion.

Here is a video of the moment in question, apologies for the poor quality, if you want a better view please go to around 6:35 on the second video below:

Better quality, go to minute 6:30.

Blackburn Rovers v Arsenal by Remsteeg

If the Gunners had gone 3-1 up they would have silenced the crowd, put a 2-goal gap between the two sides and given the players much needed confidence which i feel would have been more than enough for us to go on and win the game comfortably. Don’t forget, for much of the first half Arsenal were playing some great stuff and creating chances. Yes, we were still looking a little shaky at the back but Blackburn were never really in the game until we let them in it. And the equalising goal came when Blackburn grew in confidence following our inability to put the game to bed.

In deciding to selfishly go it alone, and subsequently miss, Gervinho let the home side off the hook at a time when Arsenal were very much in control and playing well. I said to a friend who i was watching the game with the second he failed to pass to RVP we would rue that missed opportunity, and unfortunately i was proved correct.

I hope van Persie gave Gervinho more than just a ‘stare’ after the game, he needs to be told that the good of the team should always come before personal glory and he should pass if a team mate is in a better goal scoring position….simple.


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