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Moyes Dejected By Liverpool’s Spending

Everton boss David Moyes admits Liverpool’s mega spending in 2011 has left him feeling “deflated”.

Since Kenny Dalglish returned to Anfield in January, the Scot’s red revolution has seen him splash out more than £100million. When asked if he had been left deflated by their rivals countless big-money signings, he immediately confessed:

“I would have to say ‘Yes’. I did feel that at first but then you tend to think ‘Stuff it, I’m just getting on with it’.

“We have tried to make a fist of it but it will be difficult to compete on an equal financial footing again.

“Liverpool have a great brand, that’s true. But over the last few years maybe we haven’t been so far away from each other.”

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  1. che879

    October 2, 2011 at 10:48 am

    Dont you mean 40 mil as someone pointed out before we replaced one great squad with another not so great and spent 40 mil with the sales we recouped that was the total outlay, Moyes speaks like we added 100 mil worth of talent to our squad like mancity or chelsea.

  2. Bill

    October 2, 2011 at 1:13 pm

    Moyes does himself a disservice by complaining about Liverpools spending which in nett terms is very little compared to the ManU, City and Chelsea spend. He fails to mention the players his mate Fergie has lent him in the past then sold to him at a low fee, Saha, Howard, Neville etc not to mention the loan players brought in this season. it is not Kennys fault that the money Moyes has had for Rooney and now Arteta has gone into the banks they owe money to. But as said he has had some great players on loan from managers who wouldn’t give Liverpool the time of day hence their pretty good league finishes. He has also had by far the pick of the local young talent at Everton.

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