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An Analysis Of Liverpool’s Formation Options

Liverpool’s first XI have been rotating for some time now, so here’s a look at the various options Kenny Dalglish has at his disposal.

4-2-3-1 : Carroll Alone Up Front


Perhaps the formation that makes the most sense at the moment. This would massively increase the productivity we’re getting out of Andy Carroll.  Steven Gerrard can operate our on the right wing, providing crosses from the right with Downing doing the same on the left. Lucas and Adam staying back and acting as shields in front of the defence provides that extra freedom for Liverpool’s attacking players to move forward.

Suarez can play ‘in the hole’ and play more central, linking up with Andy Carroll, along with creating chances in and around the opponent’s penalty box. The reason I picked Martin Kelly is because of the lack of protection on the right hand side, with Liverpool’s defensive midfielders being very narrow. Enrique’s choice, a no brainer, and Agger’s selection, because he is a much more better defender than Martin Skrtel.

4-2-3-1 : Suarez up front, no Carroll


A very similar set-up to that which was selected for the game against Norwich City, with the key differences being Kelly’s selection, along with Downing and Bellamy’s positional switch, Bellamy played on the right and Suarez on the left.

What I’m going for is not a team that crosses a lot, but instead a team that cuts in a lot and creates chances through passing on the ground. I swapped Bellamy and Downing’s positions just so that they’re more effective, with the ability to pass it in easier through their stronger foot. Doesn’t really require much explanation, this one.

4-2-2-2 : Adam out, Bellamy in

One that surely must be considered in the coming weeks.

Downing        –         Bellamy

A very narrow formation at the back, but should work in theory and in practice.  Carroll will be there to hold up the ball, along with knocking the ball in for Luis Suarez, whom will also create the chances.

A very attacking formation, this one, but Gerrard shifts slightly back alongside Lucas, but I trust that his consistency compared to Charlie Adam is better and his defensive ability is much better compared to the Scotsman, hence this set-up. Bellamy and Downing will be there to cross the ball in for Carroll, so we are getting the best out of him.

So what do you guys think? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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