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AVB Admits Fears Over Fans Backlash

Chelsea boss Andre Villas-Boas admits Blues fans could soon turn on him should they become unhappy with his performance as manager.

The Portuguese boss has come under scrutiny recently after back to back defeats in the Barclays Premiership, before Saturday’s 1-0 win over Blackburn eased the pressure. However Villas-Boas feels it’s “inevitable” that fans will turn on him, and pointed to Arsene Wenger, Sir Alex Ferguson and Steve Kean as examples of managers who’ve felt the pressure form fans. Villas-Boas said:

“I’ve never had it because I’ve only had a two-year career, but one day it will come. It is inevitable.

“Arsene Wenger went through it, Alex Ferguson went through it for sure and in the Latin countries you see these negative expressions from the supporters all the time after one poor result.

“The fans represent the values and sentiments of the club. They have the right to voice their opinions. Managers are always questioned by results. That’s fair in a business where everyone wants to be successful.

“At Blackburn the public have shown a bit of disrespect for their manager. Steve Kean is my friend and I have high respect for what he’s done.

“To be fair to Blackburn’s owners, they have been sufficiently cool-minded to understand what’s happening day to day and that knowledge is not always available to the fans.”

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