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Fabregas to stay at Arsenal for another year


By Fab4.

News has emerged today that Cesc Fabregas is set to stay at Arsenal for one more season before heading back to Barcelona next summer. According to, the reason for the delay is Arsenal’s refusal to do business with outgoing Barca president Joan Laporta, who has rubbed Arsenal’s hierarchy up the wrong way over the years by publicly unsettling their players. Here is an extract from the report:

Arsenal will refuse to do business with Barcelona over the possible sale of club captain Cesc Fabregas while outgoing president Joan Laporta retains office. However, is aware that the frontrunner in the forthcoming Nou Camp election, Sandro Rosell, has been in regular contact with Gunners’ chief executive Ivan Gazidis about a deal for the Spanish midfielder and has been positively received.  In an attempt to repair relations with the north London club it is understood that Rosell will call an end to the media-led pursuit of Fabregas and instead look to secure a gentleman’s agreement which will see the player move seamlessly to the Nou Camp next summer for a fee more in line with Arsenal’s valuation.

This makes sense to me. If Fabregas is to leave, then i would prefer that letch Laporta doesn’t get the credit for his signature. His public pursuits of Thierry Henry, Alex Hleb and now Cesc Fabregas were and are a disgrace. Someone should have done something about this arrogant t*at a long time ago. If the best we can do is dent his ego then so be it.

This deal would make sense for all parties. Its clear Fabregas wants to go and will make the move sooner or later. This way we would get another year out of him in what will hopefully be a strengthened squad capable of fighting on all fronts next season. Ramsey and Wilshere get another year to learn from him before he leaves and they take over. We all know where we stand and Fabregas gets his move, without complications and we get a huge transfer fee and part company in an amicable way.

Nobody wants a messy transfer saga to be drawn out, Barca trying to force Cesc into handing in a transfer request, talks of buying out his contract and all that rubbish. Lets agree to let this Rosell fella get the glory of ‘bringing Cesc home’, while getting one over on Laporta and Fabregas is an Arsenal player for another year. Then we can say our goodbyes and thank-yous properly at the end of next season.

Of course this report could be a load of crap and completely made up as they have run-out of things to write about! But i hope not, because it’s a deal that would suite all parties.

Would you be happy to see Cesc stay for one more season?

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