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Ryo Miyaichi Twitter Q&A – Star Admits To Difficulties With Life Away From Family

Arsenal starlet Ryp Miyaichi did a question and answer session with Bolton’s official Twitter account on Thursday and admitted he misses his friends & family.

Arsenal starlet Ryp Miyaichi was kind enough to do a question and answer session with Bolton’s official Twitter account on Thursday.

Miyaichi is one of the most exciting youngsters at Arsenal and many have high hopes for the Japanese 19-year-old. He is currently on loan at Bolton and getting plenty of playing time, and was named MOTM for their last Premier League game.

Taking time out of his busy schedule, Miyaichi took questions from the public in a session dubbed #AskRyo. You can see the full transcript below, but a few key things Ryo revealed are that Cristiano Ronaldo is his favourite player, he would love to play at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, he praised Robin van Persie and also admitted he sometimes finds it difficult being away from his friends and family.

Here is the full Q & A Ryo did with @officialBWFC:

Q: How did u find the media attention back home, when u were selected for the national squad last month? #askryo

RM: “I felt very nice because to be in the full national team was my dream. I was happy because the game and training was in my home town.”

Q:Who’s your best friend at Arsenal? #askryo

RM: “Arsenal is an amazing club. Since I signed for them everybody helps me lots. The manager is very good to me and gives me advise.”

Q: Hi, Ryo! How’s your English going? Do you miss Japanese food in the UK? Hope to see your first English interview soon! #askryo

RM: “My English is getting all the time. It’s hard to learn but I try my best and am now able to talk to my team-mates properly. I miss Japanese food a lot. I can buy some from London and Manchester centre. When I went to Japan I brought some back with me.”

Q: #askryo Who’s your favourite player ever?

RM: “My favourite player ever is Cristiano Ronaldo because he can score goals, dribble, head the ball. He’s a world class player.”

Q: #askryo Are you good friends with Chungy?

RM: “Chungy is my best friend in Bolton. He takes care of me a lot and we eat food and go shopping together. He’s a very very good guy.”

Q: #askryo :what is your favourite comic? One piece?Naruto?

RM: “My favourite comic is both One Piece and Naruto. I always read them from when I was 12-years-old.”

Q: #askryo What do you think of Robin van Persie? From “Ryo(19yeasold)” to “Ryo Miyaichi” 🙂

RM: “He is unbelievable. Inside the pitch you can see his quality. Even outside the pitch he is brilliant. He used to play for Feyenoord, so we talk about our time there. About Rotterdam and the club. He wished me luck at Bolton when I signed here.”

Q: I follow every #SamuraiBlue game, and I rly want you to be on the plane to Brazil in ’14. Do you ever think about it? #askryo

RM: “Of course I want to play in the World Cup in Brazil. I think about it all the time. It was a dream since I was small.”

Q: Where do you have your haircut in Bolton? Is there any good place? #askryo

RM: “I haven’t had my hair cut since I signed for Bolton! Please tell me somewhere nice!”

Q: if I moved away from home to play football I’d miss my friends and family, do you feel the same? #askryo

RM: “I feel the same and miss my family and friends. Sometimes it’s hard, but every player helps me to feel happy so I enjoy every day.”

Q:#askryo how is Owen Coyle? Has already made Wilshere and Sturridge into top quality players ! What’s his secret

RM: “The manager at Bolton is a very good person. He always helps me. He always enjoys his football.”

Q: Do you play video games? What is your favourite video game? #askryo

RM: “I sometimes play Winning Eleven on the PS2 with Chungy at his house. He always beats me!”

Q: Hidetoshi Nakata once graced the Reebok. Was he an influence on you & do you feel pressure to be better than him?

RM: “When I was small he was the biggest football player in Japan. He still is now! He was my hero because he was captain of Japan.”

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  1. Goonerbeall

    March 16, 2012 at 4:11 pm

    Redknapp wants to get under Wenger’s skin but Arsene has quite a thick skin. Chances are they never got together and he is just talk,ing shite. Problem is even if he was on TV and being congratulated by all. He knows that deep down Wenger despises him

  2. boo boo

    March 25, 2012 at 7:47 pm

    he plays ps2? lol he’s rich enogh to buy 1,000 ps3’s of more, but he plays ps2. lol

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