Football’s Funniest Moments

By on April 23, 2012

The odd quirk of human nature is that there is always a bit of dark humour involved when thinking of the silly ways in which pro sportsmen sustain some of their injuries. Of course it isn’t funny in the moment, especially when a favourite team is already down a few goals and a key player is taken out of the game due to injury. But, when looking back, some of those bizarre injuries bring a smile to our faces.

Actually, some of football’s funniest moments happened off the field or during training. They are even funny enough to have made their rounds on the web and a few even have tens of thousands of views on YouTube. Unfortunately, the best stories seem to come from days gone by, long before viral videos so unless a random video tape is converted to digital, we may never get to see the slapstick humour.

Recently, Queens Park Rangers midfielder Kieron Dyer injured his left eye during training when he ran headlong into a pole. Certainly it wasn’t funny to him, but to those observing the field, there were probably more than a few uncontrollable smiles. Dyer probably spent a good bit of time after that with an ice bag or a frozen WHEATeeze Face Cooler on his eye and looking back, he probably laughs about it as well.

Unfortunately, there are times injuries are quite awkward to explain. What about the time Darius Vassell, striker for Leicester City, tried to drain a blood blister with a power drill and ended up drilling through his toenail? This was surely painful but funny nonetheless. It would take more than a toe shield to ward off a power drill, but there are always steel reinforced work boots that might do the trick!
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