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Arsenal End Interest In Over-priced Jagielka


Written by Fab4.

Arsenal have pulled out of negotiations with Everton for Phil Jagielka after the Merseyside club rejected our latest £15m bid, according to the Metro.

Jagielka has been linked with a move to the Emirates this summer as Arsene Wenger looks for defensive reinforcements following the departures of William Gallas, Mikel Silvestre, Phillippe Senderos and potentially Sol Campbell. Laurent Koscielny has already been snapped up but Wenger is looking to add at least one more centre-back to his ranks.

It looks like it won’t be Jagielka though as Everton are pricing him out of a move by slapping a £20m price-tag on his head. And people wonder why Wenger doesn’t buy more English players!

I’m a fan of Jagielka but £20m….seriously? He is never worth that much and i can’t blame him if Arsene has called off his interest. If the FA want a reason why the top clubs aren’t signing  more English players, look no further. Until English players are valued by their talent and not their passport, clubs will continue to look abroad for better value for money.

There is now talk we may turn to Pape Diakhate of Dynamo Kiev, who is younger and available for half the price.

As always, take transfer rumours with a pinch of salt or they can become hazardous to your health!

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  1. Kris Everton

    July 22, 2010 at 1:06 pm

    The issue seriously isn’t worth 50 posts. Everton do not want to sell and are making damned sure that one of 2 things happen. A the fee scares off suitors, or B they receive a huge fee to compensate the loss of a highly prized assett. Value is not a factor, not one little bit, as the fact is, a player is only worth what somebody is willing to pay. To the indignant Gooners, we are doing with Jags PRECISELY what you are doing with Cesc, and it would therefore be VERY hypocritical to critisise Everton’s methods of trying to retain a key player, (who incidentally has provide assurances to DM that he wants to stay)

    • Fab4

      July 22, 2010 at 1:15 pm

      Exactly Kris, well said. Cant agree with you more. I wrote the article and should have made it more clear that i have NO PROBLEM with what Everton are doing. If they want to keep a player, they are in every right to up the price to scare off bidders.

      But my opinion remains that Jagielka isnt worth £20m, just like Fabs probably aint worth the £50m we’re asking.

  2. Joe 71

    July 22, 2010 at 6:03 pm

    I have always been extremely angry when Arsenal have one price for themselves while the other club has their own price. I believe we have the money, then surely the player will then be more important than the money ? For instance, if we feel Scwartzer is worth £3 million and Fulham says £4m why should we keep haggling as if we are buying meat in a butcher’s store ? We have lost many good players due to this greed and stupdity (Alonso a few seasons back comes readily to mind).

    However, in the case of Jakilka, I cannot argue with you more as you are spot on with your assessment – there is no way he is worth £20m, and if Wenger was prepared to pay £15m (which I doubt anyway as he too is a useless bugger) this would be a fair amount for his talents – only Mancity will pay well over the odds.

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