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Everything That Is Wrong With Football

As footballers continue to earn astronomical salaries while the ‘average man’ struggles, Football Talk look at everything that’s wrong with the game we all love


25th April 2012. The Office for National Statistics announced that the UK had delved itself into a double-dip recession; the first of its kind in the country for over four decades. Around the world, others face the same predicament, the financial world immersing itself in reality. As hundreds and thousands around Britain save money, delving into their life savings in order to just survive, a new breed of human lurks around, viewing the incomprehensible situation that the average citizen has to work with from their palaces and state of the art automobiles. Who are these new species who spend money like its water from a household tap?


When BSkyB invested heavily in the English Premier League in order to spread the beautiful game all around the globe, they would never have predicted the international massacre that they had initated and developed. WIth millions of pounds being pumped into advertising, shirt deals, as well as TV and stadium name rights, the footballers themselves started to question. If the clubs earn all this money, where is my share of it? So it began, the creation of a money making, unpassionate business; English Football.

From Shearer to Rooney, Shevchenko to Ronaldo, the Premier League has always been renowned for its wealth of diverse talent, the foreign alligience slowly taking over the nations hearts. As the big names got even bigger, so did the money; transfer fees,wages and commercial deals igniting the modern game of football to all ages, genders and personalities. When Roman Abromovich completed his takeover at Chelsea Football Club, unavoidable inequality naturally occurred, the teams struggling for resources getting sucked deeper into the common theme of debt; also known as reality.

While the new recruits entertained on the pitch, their wallets bulged off the pitch, the extravegant lifestyle capturing the eyes of the nation and the invasive lens of the media. While the hopes of England lay on a bright young prodigy going by the name of Wayne Rooney, his gracious reply to the passionate fans was a behind the scenes scandal regarding an elderly prostitute. In more modern times, fireworks, speeding and hostile behaviour overshadowed the football, the significantly wealthy Manchester City providing the ammunition to such disrepect of the beautiful game.

Despite Mario Balotelli’s playboy antics, tresspassing the back pages of the domestic newspapers and dominating the pre-match banter, it was his attacking counterpart that defines everything wrong with football. Argentine Carlos Tevez has controversy attached to him like a puppy dog, his reputation sliding down in the eyes of the public by crossing the passionate line from Manchester United to rivals and “noisy neighbours” Manchester City. When his current club competed in their inaugural season in the UEFA Champions League, they turned to their talisman Tevez for assistance in breaking down a stubborn Bayern Munich side, who would later reach the final of the competition. As Italian boss Roberto Mancini addressed Tevez on the bench, it was clear that all was not rosy in the dugout of the Allianz Arena.

After refusing to come onto the pitch and words being exchanged, the game continued, Mancini choosing to carry over his wrath in his post match interview, proclaiming that Carlos Tevez would, “never play for Man City again.”

As the man with a multiple figure salary and support from the Man City faithful stormed off to his native Argentina in protest, his club and believing manager were left to pick up the pieces, attempting to mount a title challenge on their ever present rivals on the red side of Manchester.

Pictures of the enigma playing golf in the sun and gaining weight like a sumo wrestler were shocking to anyone who respects and values football, his wages consistently boosting his bank balance to fuel the inflated ego that represents a modern day footballer. While his bosses and company suffered setbacks, the forward conducted various interviews signalling his intent to leave England, a country that has accepted, respected and pampered him since he arrived over half a decade ago. After months on the sideline, the myth named Tevez returned to his club, quickly being sanctioned a place in the matchday squad once again, while contributing to Manchester City’s run-in and dramatic title win in 2011/2012.

A man who works for a company, unlike a high proportion of employees in England, deciding to take an extended holiday without hesitation, picking up his extortionate pay packet and enjoying life to the extreme. While the youth of today struggle through childhood just to get a sustainable lifestyle, footballers like Carlos Tevez show the dark side of the flawed society we immerse ourselves in.

Poverty, illness, trauma; elements of the real world we love in. Not a world in which they live in; the ones who define everything that is wrong with football.

What do you think is the problem with football? Get involved in the comments section below.

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