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Arsenal Are Up For It, But What About The Manager?

arsene wenger

Alright, so we ****’d up at the DW stadium, and in all honesty we lost yet another opportunity to gain ground on United. Now before you guys read this post, let me tell you, that neither am I angry at the players of Arsenal nor at their approach. But if I am angry it’s about the fact that the person who manages the team has seriously made some ridiculous decisions…

Wenger, as we Arsenal fans know, is the reason for the clubs success in terms of management, and financial health. He has a master’s degree in economics, and another degree in electrical engineering. He is known for building up teams, and developing players. He also known for encouraging youth in Football. But if you ask me personally, I don’t feel the guy really knows a lot about tactics as compared to Mourinho, Guardiola, or even for that matter SAF.

You see, most of us have an idea of who to play where, and where to play whom. Before the game you can picture the pitch in front of you, the formation starts forming in your head, and you know which players go where. Clichy left-back, Djourou Cb, so-an-so forth. But in all honesty that’s not enough is it. I mean sometimes you just have to tell some players that you have to do this and this, you know define each players role in the game. For eg. One can tell Song to sit in the middle of the park, and defend, one can tell Nasri to play on the right, and track back to help Sagna etc. Now lets back to the crux of the article..

Firstly, I don’t understand why AW played a different team, yeah he did give us an explanation, but that was a really-really sad excuse. United and Chelsea played the same teams and even they had an interval of 48 hours between them. Now I would even understand this logic if we played at home where the fans can get behind the players if they falter. But no, AW decided to choose a team with 8 changes. Yeah, of course you will require some amount of changes, and nobody’s arguing with you, but 8 changes?

I yet don’t know who our CB partnership will be, but as far as I can see it should not be Koscielny-Squillaci! We should have just played the usual formation of 4-2-3-1, with Diaby and Jack/Denilson in the sweeper roles, and Nasri upfront. The right-wing should have been occupied by Theo, and the left by Arshavin. Upfront one could choose between RVP and MC29, but I’d go for the former. The defense should have been kept in tact as the one we played against Chelsea.

Now whats done is done, so we were leading at half-time. At this point, I really don’t understand why the boss never made any changes, I mean Jack had already come on, so all he had to do is take of Nikko, and put in RVP, and replace TR7 and Eboue with Nasri, and Theo. Lets all face it, these guys really make up the Arsenal team, and while we led 2-1 at half-time, they could have come on and really make a difference. We could have sealed the match, if these guys were brought on sooner.

You see, I’m a Gooner, and I have a right to get pissed, and so do you. Now there are some situations in which mangers get their tactics completely wrong, and we all know there are….for eg. The tactics which SAF used against Barcelona in the UCL final, or the ones which Mourinho used against Guardiola, but the flaw in yesterdays game was not in a tactical sense, but just simple sense and logic. You will never see managers like SAF, Mouriho make such stupid mistakes. Are Arsenal players very weak, that they can’t play 2 matches in a span of 3 days, when United and Chelsea players, who if I may add are “not youthful,” can do it. Is the side inexperienced that they cannot handle 2 matches in 3 days. Nobody is asking you to play the same team, but just 1 or 2 changes, maximum 3 should do it. Yeah, some of you will say we have the Carling Cup next month, but that’s against Ipswich, so who are we kidding. Yesterday’s team should have been played against Ipswich incase players had to be given a rest. Our FA Cup tie is against Leeds, United Clash with Liverpool, and we with Leeds. So even if the matches are played 1 day after another, the boss should have enough fire-power to go through to the next rounds of these respective cups. Sometimes its AW’s tactics which make us lose points, and sometimes this, God whats next???

It’s yet another opportunity gone, another one. I mean, come on…we can be compared to the fat-kid who is trying to climb the stairs and stumbles every few steps. I mean its like AW equalizes whatever he has done for us outside the pitch with whatever he has done inside in the last few years. Now I’m not being negative as I sincerely belive that we can win and do really well this year. I will never lose faith in my club, and truthfully whatever I have written are facts about the club. We are not playing well, due to some stupid decisions by our manager. No I am not going to call for sacking Wenger, because that is not the solution. If you thought this article is about sacking the guy, then buzz off, because what AW has done is not measurable, its like that damn MasterCard ad: Priceless..

I am pissed at my managers decisions, and as a Gooner I have all right to be, I believe in my team, and shall never lose faith in Arsenal. But if you ask me about my manager, ”its a different situation altogether”…[ in a tactical sense ].





  1. habate

    December 31, 2010 at 10:17 am

    8 changes? why wenger? we better win against birmingham!

  2. silentstan

    December 31, 2010 at 10:24 am

    AW is NOT NOT NOT a great manager. your article is spot on. i have been saying for 4 years we will win nothing more with wenger (without some kind of sea change in his mentality.) 8 changes AWAY to wigan, stupid. inability to just go out and sign a known, high quality CB. stupid. look who he has signed stepanovs, cygan, koz, squil,

    • DKD

      December 31, 2010 at 10:29 am

      Thanks mate, at least there are still some who agree

      • only1

        December 31, 2010 at 12:27 pm

        I feel sad for all those who agree with you DKD, they + you are prob never have any experience in management and never will you have a chance..

  3. Ibrahim

    December 31, 2010 at 10:34 am

    I always trust Weneger and still do. changing 8 players is a big step but undrstandable. What i blame Wenegr for, why did not let Nasri and Wallcott in a little bit earlier. Weneger made the right changes a I think but a little bit late. They would be more usefull when are in a winning position. There will be more spaces for them to threat especially Wallcott and Wigan will get much less chance to attack.

    Mostly I do not speak about those things, but I was waiting for these two from the beginning of the second half .. but It happend late, Wigan had scored and the ways were tightly closed.

    After all it ment to happen, their penalty was not correct and we denied a clear penalty. It could have been different. Wigan going down to 10 men was eventualy not a good thing for us. They looked more motivated afterwards. Credit to Wigan, they played well.

  4. Ingo Marchand

    December 31, 2010 at 11:00 am

    manu and chelsea cant afford 8 changes. thats all. and all those sideline idiots who think they know. i am sick of it. time will tell especially in april when others tiring out.

  5. Arsenal_India

    December 31, 2010 at 11:07 am

    i still dont understand why wenger is not using the subs effectively. He is using the subs only after we r dead. Squlachi is not wat we expected, better he signs a better known CB or else change his tactics…

  6. Random

    December 31, 2010 at 11:12 am

    To be fair, if at the end of this Christmas period we somehow manage to get 10 from a possible 12 points, i don’t think anyone will be complaining. Its a long season, and This Christmas period has been key to arsenal having poor Februaries the past 3 seasons. I welcome the rotation as long as we get the results. We still have the best away record in the league, and February is looking quite manageable this season. With fresh legs, we could genuinely have this league wrapped up by march if we could start a good run, as City home, Spurs away, Stoke away, seem to be our sternest test up until the restart of Champions League football. we have to rotate! if we don’t, we’ll suffer the same poor February form that has done us in time and time again.

  7. Random

    December 31, 2010 at 11:32 am

    For the record, we should let the record speak for itself, I do think over the last 3 seasons in particular, Wenger has lost the plot. and somehow his mentality and approach has degraded to that of his you team. In all fairness, such is life. However, 14 Straight Champions League qualifications, 13 straight years inside the top 4 finish (most of which was inside the top 2), in what is regarded as the toughest league in the world. Wenger isn’t the best Manager around, however he’s far far far from the worst. Considering whats out there, with Real, Barca, United, Chelsea, Milan, Porto, Lyon, Marselle, I think it can be assessed that we have one of the top 5 managers in the world for the last 5-10 years. and he still is, make no mistake about it. What he has chosen to undertake, with the rebuilding of the club, Jose could not have accomplished, not could Sir Alex, if they could, they wouldn’t be managing clubs over 50) MILLION Euros in debt. Jose for all his hard work, has left every single club he has managed in a worse off financial state than before he arrived, and he is yet to prove he can win a title without buying the worlds best, even at Porto he assembled the best group Portugal had to offer. and Sir Alex has managed to bring glory to United while slowly dragging them in debt. My point is, that its a very difficult balance. Wenger has done the hard part, and the club is almost back on its feet, i think we should let him show what he can do now that his young men are maturing, and he’s now able to add to the weaker areas of the Pitch.

    PS. Squillaci was never brought in as a Starter, Djourou has simply been out too long to come straight back into playing week in week out. Therefore the only starter we do have is Koczielny. why buy a defender when in 6 mths, Vermaelen will be back for sure, Djourou will have undergone the proper rehab, and Koz will have had a Year under his belt, 3 solid defenders all under 25 with their best years ahead of them? in 2 years, no matter the partnership, I can see us having the best back 2 pairing in the League, (Unless Chelsea sign Cahill), what all great managers have is foresight, This team will win things, Fans want them to win everything, Wenger knows that’s unrealistic, So, you build a team to win the things Opportunity presents. This squad is more than good enough. Some fans will never be pleased, as the same players they knock one week are then same ones they criticize the next.

  8. Jamie

    December 31, 2010 at 1:31 pm

    You’ve turned moaning about everything into a cottage industry. If he rotates he’s lost it. If he doesn’t he’s a cretin. You’re always right on hindsight.

  9. realistic tony

    December 31, 2010 at 5:19 pm

    i agree wholeheartedly and i also commend you on your tact and dipomacy!…what you probably feel is a loyalty to AW after what he has done for our magnificent club. But face facts he’s not really a great manager is he…he has great vision and can set in motion state of the art facilities…an infrastructure football manager if you like. He knows nothing about defensive strategy or top defenders …hes not really bought one has he?….he sticks with poor goalkeepers and some outfield players….what gets us where we are is a handful of top quality players turning games. fabregas, RVP, nasri, arshavin etc. Im not moaning just telling it as i see it. BEWARE VIGIC….its a nightmare for us gooners imagining that ball lofted up to that giant. With a bit of sense he’ll play chesney and djourou…but dont count on it!

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  11. sanchit

    January 1, 2011 at 7:13 am

    Er, This is getting frantic. I understand that you are a deep-feeling Gooner, and every point we drop or every chance we miss is like you losing a year of your life, but seriously, the way you write, it feels as if we are going to be relegated.
    I used to be an avid follower of your articles at first, but now they just seem to be repetitions of your frustration against Wenger. Please, spare us. It embarrasses me to see that Arsenal fans are the only ones who are ripping their team, even though we sit 3rd in the table, and just recently beat Chelsea. Even Pool and Chelsea fans are not that despairing.
    You expect Arsenal to play like Robots straight off the assembly line, everyone has to be perfect.
    Come on DKD, find something new to write. The way you write, it seems that you are an Arsenal Manager-in-waiting.
    We got a draw against Wigan, that too after being denied a clear penalty at the death. We WEREN’T HUMILIATED TO A 3-0 defeat like Chelsea were by Sunderland. Even then their fans didn’t create as much of a ruckus like you do.
    Does Arsenal have to score 6 goals in a game for it to be a perfect game? Seriously, wake up man.

    A slightly amused reader.

  12. femi

    January 1, 2011 at 2:58 pm

    Wenger suffers from the super coach syndrom and some fans suffers from amnesia. if some of us talk it becos we knew what arsenal was 5-7-12 years ago we re a ‘winning’ fan we saw viera, overmas, kanu, henry, pires and many more super gooners at their best what we get now is dog food so u new fans immigrating from oxford united and other less fortunate clubs shld allow us express our feelings or go back to where loosing is the norm

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